La Cloche – Not Essential – But Nice!

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When I first got into baking bread, I spent hours on the King Arthur Flour website. I joined their “Baking Circle” group, which allowed you access to their forums. I read each and every post. I signed up to receive their catalog and lusted after all the accessories for bread baking. I am big on accessories, from that cute scarf that just makes an outfit, to a gorgeously coiled bread rising bowl. A girl can’t have too many accessories.

La Cloche

One of the things that I really wanted was a hearth oven insert. It basically turns your oven into a classic brick oven – great for pizzas and bread. But at almost $200 it was not going to happen anytime soon.

Ready to Rise

What I found instead was the Sassafras La Cloche Brick Oven. It basically creates a little brick oven for your loaf of bread.


Is it a necessity? No. Does it make a perfectly gorgeous loaf of bread, every time? Yes.

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  1. says

    I just read another post about someone drooling over King Arthur accessories that were way too pricey and how they found very similar items at way more economical prices. I like your La Cloche, I may have to invest in one. Your bread looks perfect, I love the look artisan breads.

  2. says

    That bread looks delicious! Your new treasure looks a lot like a Pampered Chef set that I have. I used cook a chicken in it (before we owned chickens as pets- now I am not allowed to cook whole chickens! :-) But I wonder if I can use it for bread….

  3. Pam says

    E Mama – I am always adding to my list of things I never knew I needed.

    Joanne – it really does make perfect bread.

    Joan – I think that it was money well spent.

    Katherine – I know, I shouldn’t get their catalog!

    Pearl – isn’t it!

    Grace – I have a round one and a long one.

    Noble – it really is a good investment. I never have semi good bread any more.

    Marjie – yes it is big. I keep in in it’s original box in the hall closet. There is no room in my kitchen for this!

    Terri – it gives it such a nice crust and a perfect rise.

    Carolina – nope, no good housekeeping occurs in this house! Just ask the dust bunnies.

    DP – next to my bread machine, it’s my favorite bread accessory.

    Kristen – it’s probably really similar. I wanted to get one to use for savory dishes.

    Jenn – thanks. It does most of the work for me.

  4. says

    Very nice. I didn’t know something like that existed (obviously not a bread maker). But, it seems to make a beautiful loaf. I think I’d want to use it as decoration too…the pottery…not the bread. :)

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