La Cloche – Not Essential – But Nice!


When I first got into baking bread, I spent hours on the King Arthur Flour website. I joined their “Baking Circle” group, which allowed you access to their forums. I read each and every post. I signed up to receive their catalog and lusted after all the accessories for bread baking. I am big on accessories, from that cute scarf that just makes an outfit, to a gorgeously coiled bread rising bowl. A girl can’t have too many accessories.

La Cloche

One of the things that I really wanted was a hearth oven insert. It basically turns your oven into a classic brick oven – great for pizzas and bread. But at almost $200 it was not going to happen anytime soon.

Ready to Rise

What I found instead was the Sassafras La Cloche Brick Oven. It basically creates a little brick oven for your loaf of bread.


Is it a necessity? No. Does it make a perfectly gorgeous loaf of bread, every time? Yes.

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  1. says

    Oh lucky you! It too is on my list of things to “acquire”. And now that I see it works so wonderfully well…. Yup, this item has moved significantly up on my list!

  2. says

    I just read another post about someone drooling over King Arthur accessories that were way too pricey and how they found very similar items at way more economical prices. I like your La Cloche, I may have to invest in one. Your bread looks perfect, I love the look artisan breads.

  3. says

    i’m unfamiliar with this apparatus, which shames me as a bread-baker and -lover. you’re right–it’s a perfect-looking loaf!

  4. says

    I learn something new everyday! I’ve never seen this before, but now I’m intrigued. I’m just starting to get into bread baking.

  5. says

    That bread looks delicious! Your new treasure looks a lot like a Pampered Chef set that I have. I used cook a chicken in it (before we owned chickens as pets- now I am not allowed to cook whole chickens! :-) But I wonder if I can use it for bread….

  6. Pam says

    E Mama – I am always adding to my list of things I never knew I needed.

    Joanne – it really does make perfect bread.

    Joan – I think that it was money well spent.

    Katherine – I know, I shouldn’t get their catalog!

    Pearl – isn’t it!

    Grace – I have a round one and a long one.

    Noble – it really is a good investment. I never have semi good bread any more.

    Marjie – yes it is big. I keep in in it’s original box in the hall closet. There is no room in my kitchen for this!

    Terri – it gives it such a nice crust and a perfect rise.

    Carolina – nope, no good housekeeping occurs in this house! Just ask the dust bunnies.

    DP – next to my bread machine, it’s my favorite bread accessory.

    Kristen – it’s probably really similar. I wanted to get one to use for savory dishes.

    Jenn – thanks. It does most of the work for me.

  7. says

    Very nice. I didn’t know something like that existed (obviously not a bread maker). But, it seems to make a beautiful loaf. I think I’d want to use it as decoration too…the pottery…not the bread. :)