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Sprouts on a salad!  So easy to grow yourself!  Sprouting sprouts!

Have you tried the latest hot thing that everyone is doing??? Sprouting!!! Well, I guess it may not be the latest hot thing anywhere else except in my household, but here we are all about the sprouts!

Sprouting your own salad sprouts!  So easy!

This all happened by chance, when I turned down a little center aisle in my grocery store, that I never go down. It was the make-your-own-herby-things aisle. I was looking for dried hops to make a sleeping sachet (I’ll spare you my insomnia stories), and I found not only hops, but seeds to sprout! Lots of seeds to sprout and cute sprouting jars.

Sprouting your own sprouts!!

I love sprouts, I love them in salads and on sandwiches instead of lettuce. So, I got a sprouting jar and some broccoli seeds. It’s so easy (and cheap), and it turns out the sprouts are little powerhouses nutritionally.

Basically, you place the seeds in a jar with a mesh lid. You soak about a tablespoon or two in water overnight (or about 8 hours), then drain. You store the jar slightly tilted so that the water drains out in a darkish place (I sat them in a bowl on my dryer with a dishtowel over them). Twice a day, you run water into the jar and rinse them, draining them again. After about 4-5 days, you have sprouts! You do a final rinse and then store in the fridge. If you’re really interested, I recommend doing a search online for sprouting seeds, because there are different methods, this is just the one that I used.


And guess what??? It’s been ages since I’ve done Weekend Herb Blogging, mostly because my herb garden has shut down for the winter. But I think this qualifies, don’t you? It’s sort of an unusual approach to vegetables. This week it is hosted by Dee from The Daily Tiffin.

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  1. says

    I do not like green sprouts and… sprouts. But you’re right, they are really good for you and if you work hard enough, you can bury them in the middle of any dish. I will have to check these out, along with hydroponic tomatoes. :)

  2. says

    That looks like fun. I love sprouts too, in fact the other day my friend and I were both eating a sandwich with sprouts on it and we both commented on how much we love sprouts. I think I’ll check that website out.

  3. says

    So glad to see another sprout loving blogger 😀 I love lentil and mung sprouts so far the best :) I have a pack of alfalfa seeds though that came with my sprouter. Waiting on something special to use them with 😀

  4. says

    Seeing your growing sprouts makes me wish for springtime all the more. My favorite sprouts are radish ones … love the peppery zip! I’ve never grown sprouts this way. Looks like fun!

  5. Pam says

    Antoinette – sorry you don’t like sprouts. I love them, they each have their own flavor.

    Kathy – you really should try them, they are so easy.

    Susan – I grow plenty of science experiments in my fridge!

    Marjie – I’d like to think they elevate my plain lettuce salad.

    Deb – they are fun to try and grow.

  6. says

    I don’t love sprouts, but I do love growing things in the winter. My windowsills are one big indoor garden. I love your mix of food and garden entries – nice photos too. I’ll definitely be back to see what you’re up to. And (hopefully) I”ll see you at weekend herb blogging tomorrow! Liz


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