Those Who Collect

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Some of you know that I like to divide people into categories. Another one of my categories is people who collect things and people who don’t. I gaze with admiration on all those gloriously simple and austere photos that adorn the pages of decorating magazines. Alas, that is not my house. Because, I am a collector. I find something. I like it. I look for more. That’s how I roll.

Silver Salt and Pepper

I said I collect them, I didn’t say I polish them.

Back in the caveman days when there were hunter/gatherers. I would have been a gatherer. My cave would have been the one with the rock collection artfully arranged out front.

What about you, are you a collector? If so, what strikes your fancy?

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  1. says

    I like the Madonna with the pink lips and the crown. She is different so she stands out a bit.

    My dad travels all over the world so I collect Shot glasses. I inherited all of my Granny’s collection of shot glasses so I just continue to add to hers. I have about 250 now.

  2. says

    I am not a true collector. I do have collections of things but most of the time others have given them to me. I think I would have been a gatherer, though, in my caveman life.

  3. says

    If it’s a consolation: our house featured in a magazine once. It looked beautiful. In the magazine that is. Normally the diningroom table is full of newspapers, magazines and well….just stuff and you have to search for the kitchen counter. I know it’s there, somewhere.

    I collect magazines. Well, to be honest, I just can’t throw them away 😉 Why is that?

    Your collections look very good, love the colors of the statues!

  4. says

    I wish that I could collect things. Our house is rather tiny and doesn’t lend itself well to collecting.

    If I could collect, I’d collect Blenko Classic Water Bottles (I do have one), antique teacups and saucers and vintage Valentine’s ephemera. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

  5. says

    had a collection of teacups, that now are wrapped tightly in storage :(
    also began collecting nascar ‘stuff’ for a while..but got tired of trying to keep up with the ever-changing sponsor/owner/numbers, etc… and my collection of china/glassware just didn’t sit well with a military, moving every other year-with weight limits, lifestyle. so i guess what i’m saying is.. i LONG to be a collector, but haven’t mastered the art. 😉
    btw.. lovely collection you have there!

  6. says

    I’m drawn to paper. All sorts of items made from paper. I often say the only way to clean this place is with a blow torch. Poof! All done. But specifically ephemera. And old photographs. Do love old photographs and the people I find in them.

    Love your collection. Love the patina. See, if you use the right word you don’t need to clean them.

  7. says

    I love clocks. I must have at least 30, including a grandfather clock and a mantle clock with Westminster chimes. They are scattered through my house, although I must confess that there are 5 in the breakfast room – none in the kitchen, unless the stove and microwave clocks count.

  8. says

    Nice collections! I seem to collect CATS! rolling my eyes at myself – but they appear and I have a hard time saying no. I have 6 and I promise you my house doesn’t smell… people don’t believe me when they come over that I have that many cuz they aren’t usually all “out” at once. I’m turning into Angela from The Office I’m sure.

    Oh – do you know about the Great Backyard Bird Count?? Could you do a post about it?

    It’s today through Monday… help a scientist out! Watch the birds for 15 min. this weekend, count them and record it here:

  9. says

    Cake pans! I have over a hundred different ones – that I do use.
    You are better at dusting than me – you can usually see the tracks where I dust in front of my books, glasses, etc. on display!

  10. says

    My collections: needlework stuff (linen, fibers, charts, etc), angels (mostly folk-arty, one of which has legs made of old piano keys), chalkware bunnies molded from old chocolate molds, hearts, Christmas ornaments. Sometimes I don’t know when to stop. Hunting for items to gather works for me.

  11. says

    not really a collector, unless you count cookbooks, but that has tapered off now that I can find recipes on the Internet.

    My mom is a BIG elephant collector. Elephants are considered good luck in Thai culture, and she is very superstitious. Her house has elephants everywhere. It was out of control! That’s probably why I’m not a big collector.

  12. says

    I collect ingredients, does that count?! :) And experiences, but they don’t take up so much room.

    I used to collect pens, but I wouldn’t use them because (wait for it) I wouldn’t have been able to justify keeping them once they’d run out of ink. Even though I never used them to prevent that from happening.

    No, I’m not one of life’s natural-born collectors!

  13. says

    i love your Mary statues, and i think i see a Mother Cabrini or St. Theresa there in the dark brown habit. i LOVE the statue of the lady with the flowers in the apron. who is that? is it Mary?

  14. says

    The problem with collecting paper, and I say this with stacks of it around my desk, on my desk, in my desk…is you go to throw something away and you always end up pausing. “Hmmmmmm…am I throwing away a potential item I’ll want to collect?” There’s a certain sickness to it that we’ll keep just between ourselves. Like, ummmmm…those ticket stubs I have in an envelope in an old box that date back to the 60s. Each has the name of the movie scribbled on them. I tell myself “Toss these things!” and then I say “But they’re not really taking up any room….” That’s how I ended up creating my blogs. I figure they somehow justify all of this paper if I’m sharing it.

  15. says

    Old kitchen canisters and cats – not necessarily in that order. 😉
    I used to collect old rag dolls, the older the better, but my dear sister SOLD them when she put my dad in a home. “Dear” is used facetiously, I might add.

  16. says

    Cookbooks…if they’re new ones, they MUST have pictures. If they’re old and well-loved, I prefer the Country Farm cookbooks and local church fundraiser ones full of local recipes (the best!).

  17. Pam says

    Joy – I would love to see your collection of thimbles.

    E Mama- she is one of my favorites too! A shot glass collection sounds wonderful.

    Terri – People are always giving me things to add to my collections.

    Michelle – clothespins are a neat thing to collect!

    Antoinette – You collect wonderful remade shirts!

    Carolina – wow, someone who’s house has been in a magazine! I am in awe!

    Kimberpeas – can you believe I don’t know what Blenko water bottles are???

    Tracie – yes, moving a lot would severely impact my collecting.

    Tattered – I love paper too! Have tons of old photographs, postcards, scrapbooks. Patina – that was the word I was looking for.

    Pearl – take my advice and don’t start.

    Marjie I love clocks too. Do they tick and chime?

    Shanster – I collect cats too, though we are down to 3 at this moment. I’m off to learn about the backyard bird count.

    Natashya – ooooh, cake pans, now there is something I haven’t thought of.

    Doris – oh, I want to see your chalware bunnies!

  18. says

    Funny that you mention collecting. I used to collect dolphin figurines. Not surprising as I’m a water sign.

    I’ve since stopped collecting those, and I now collect Tea-for-One Teapots. I LOVE tea!!! Iced, hot, whatnot!

    Your collections are lovely!

  19. says

    I’m probably more of an accumulator than a collector, although I do love old things. I have a nice assortment of antique pudding molds and tube pans that could loosely be called a collection.

    Love your Virgin Marys!

  20. wyo says

    Your collections are lovely! I’m drawn to cross and ankh necklaces. I just love them! I only have around twenty or so, though … perhaps not enough to qualify as a true collector! :)

  21. says

    I laughed out loud at your hunter/gatherer comment! I collect cookbooks, both new and old. I think my cookbook *thing* is more of an addiction! Prior to children, I collected depression glass. I love, love, love your Mother Mary statues, and recognize some of them. They are absolutely lovely. And I really like how you’ve displayed your shakers! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  22. says

    Um.. yeah.. Yarn, sock yarn, alpaca, wool. Boxes. Lots of them. Sometimes, I get out the sock yarn box and go through it, just to see my choices, then, I become frozen in my choices.. I can really only knit one pair of socks at a time. It’s an illness, but if I am sick, let me never truely be well….

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