Weekend Cat Blogging #194


Smudge waiting impatiently for the catnip to come back.

This is my herb bed. My herb bed, which of course, has a section filled with catnip. This is Smudge sitting in front of his section of the herb bed. He has heard me say that a “watched pot never boils.” There is a possiblity that this applies to catnip. He looks right, he looks left, he looks down again, hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the sudden growthspurt of his beloved catnip.

Where's the catnip?

See all the little grassy type plants coming up all over. That is not grass, it’s chives. Remember when I talked about not cutting off my flower heads and letting the pretty heads go to seed. This is what happens.

This will be my entry for this week’s Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by Amar and Luna at Catsynth.

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  1. says

    Me and my sister were just thinking about planting some catnip for her cat Jupiter, and of course my Milo. I have a lot of what looks like wild chives popping up everywhere. I was wondering if they were eatible.

  2. says

    Don’t tell Smudge … I cant’ grow chives in my windowsill because the cats love to munch on it until nothing is left. Come on Spring!

  3. says

    Ahhh … speaking of chives, I have to start making plans for my balcony ‘garden’!

    Have you ever known anyone that’s used the topsy-turvy tomato planter? I’ve always wondered if those work!

  4. says

    Love the way you write ;-)
    Some of our cats love catnip too: they drewl over it, roll in it, get high, chew on it. If you have cats, you have to have catnip ;-)

  5. Pam says

    Hip – I wish I had some snow, I could use a snow day to get some things done around here.

    Tracie – yeah it’s just barely visible.

    Kat – You should plant some catnip, they love it.

    Kathy – he is waiting. He checks it daily, sometimes several times a day.

    Paula – he ignores my chives. He’s waiting for the good stuff.

    Andrea – he knows it.

    Judi – Smudge says thanks.

    Romeo – Smudge says thanks!

    Sweetpea – no, but I’m curious about it.

    Carolina – it’s hard to keep it alive with they way they abuse it!