1. says

    No green or flowers here yet…I’m jealous. That’s one of the down sides about living in the Northeast. We have to wait longer to have flowers. Please stop by…I’ve left you a little award.

  2. Pam says

    Holler – thank you!

    Marjie – sending springy thoughts your way.

    Terri – Yes, I always remember to check on it during lent to see if it’s blooming.

    Deb – hopefully, soon!

    Pearl – thank you.

    Shabby – you’ll probably get tired of my yard pictures once spring is in full swing.

    Kathy – hopefully soon!

    Shirley – hopefully it will come soon. I’m off to check your blog!

    Noble – me too!

    Doris – glad I could bring you some pleasure!

  3. says

    Oh, look at how lovely those look on your table and in your yard! (I like the doily (sp?) on your table, too!) How great that your Springtime flowers are making an appearance. :-)

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