Real Food For Mother and Baby by Nina Planck

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Last year I read, Real Food: What to Eat and Whyby Nina Planck and loved it. After reading that book, I started buying real food: grass fed milk and beef, full fat yogurt and cheese, organic vegetables. Her premise (and it’s one that’s shared by many) is that it’s not real food that’s bad for us it’s processed foods. The ingredients on my full fat organic yogurt is milk and active yogurt cultures. That’s it. The ingredients on the low-fat non-organic yogurt that a fellow teacher was eating, had about 10 items, 6 of which I didn’t even know what they were.

Nina Planck’s publisher contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in previewing her new book Real Food for Mother and Baby: The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two, and Baby’s First Foods and I said sure. I’m never one to pass up a book, even though the baby train has left this station.

The chapters are:

What is Real Food?
The Fertility Diet
Forty Weeks
Nursing Your Baby
First Foods

I really enjoyed this book, even though, it doesn’t necessarily apply to me. But it does because everyone needs to eat better. Eat healthy, whether you are eating simply for yourself, a baby, or cooking for a family. For those of you that it does apply to she gives detailed information about what part of the baby is developing when and what you need to eat to help it along. She gives excellent advice on nursing and baby’s first foods.

If you are, or are thinking about getting pregnant, I highly recommend this book. I plan on giving my copy to a special science teacher at school who is about 6 weeks pregnant. If the whole pregnancy thing doesn’t apply to you, then I highly recomment her Real Food book.

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    I’ve been thinking a lot about (and changing) what we eat and how we care for ourselves in general, and it started when I was pregnant and wondering what good and bad stuff I was passing on to my baby! Too bad this book was not around for me then, but thanks for recommending her other title.

  2. says

    We’ve been talking a lot about changing our diet abd we both have come to the conclusion that it’s all the added crap that’s making us fat and lazy.
    So a week into eating more whole foods, we’re feeling better already.

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    The book “Real Food” changed the way I ate, and oddly enough it changed the things I fed my family too. The weird thing is it actually simplified our food life all the way around, even though it inspired me to bake our own bread and make all of our meals from real, fresh ingredients. I hope that by making a book on this topic with a “baby” title many more people will read about her philosophy.

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    I still have the mommy and me cookbook that I purchased almost 14 years ago! Nutrition information contained in these types of books are always valuable before and after baby is born. *sigh* I miss having babies in the house! :-)

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