Do You See What I See? A Giveaway!!!

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See's Candy

I’m sure some of you have noticed that See’s Candy is popping up in food blogger land. I’m always one to follow a crowd, especially when it involves chocolate.

See's Candy

When they first contacted me, I had high hopes for all my wonderful chocolate experiments. Visions of candy, chopped and layered in baked brownies. Candy, crumbled and stirred into some homemade frozen yogurt.

All for me!

And then they arrived. And, well, they looked like a delicious, chocolate Easter present to me. The next day, when I came home from school, I fed the cats, and then sat down on the couch, chose a chocolate, and savored and soothed away my day. And the next day the same thing happened. After a few days of this, I actually counted the wrappers in the box. There are 23. Note to See’s marketing people, have you ever thought about a box of 31 pieces? A month of chocolate. I’m just sayin.

GOOD NEWS, my peeps, you too can share my new habit. The wonderful people at See’s (especially my new best chocolate candy friend, Jon), has allowed me to offer a two $25 giftcards for See’s Candy! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post! I will use that random generator thingy to select 2 winners next Sunday!!!

See's Candy

Photo copied from their website, because, oh-my-gosh, just look at it!

While, you are checking out the See’s Website, and believe me you need to go check it out, be sure and look at the candy fundraiser opportunity. As a teacher and a parent, I am no stranger to fundraisers. Imagine if instead of overpriced wrapping paper, you could chose something chocolate!

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  1. says

    If you can believe it, I am not a chocolate lover, but my husband loves anything with sugar in it. I know he would not make it a one a day treat, probably the whole box in one day! haha.

  2. says

    you are talking about my version of crack… i was raised on this, and it shows, but lets leave personal problems out of this! my mom used to play bridge with family when i was a little girl, came home with doilies filled with these morsels. i can id every piece by sight, heck i bet blindfolded by the darn shape and squiggles! who ever said disney was the happiest place on earth just hasn’t been to see’s! it’s a ca treasure~ oy, i think i am going to have to find my car keys and head on down to the store for sunday brunch there!

  3. says

    Oh my…! Chocolate. I have been needing chocolate for the past couple of weeks. Every night at the end of yet another day of packing & moving I would tell my honey…”Oooooh, chocolate would be lovely right about now”. Seriously. Not finished with the move. Still have loads of stuff to unpack and find new places for… and a little chocolate surprise a night would be heavenly…

    Love the idea of 31 pieces of chocolate in a box! How clever are you!?!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    The chocolates in the lavender box look too good to eat! Oh yes, I would love to win a gift certificate! Debra

  5. says

    I too was raised on See’s candy, I was just at the mall Thursday and stopped by.. They always give you a free piece to try while you are picking out the ones you want.. oh my! They have that old fashioned black and white tile decor, and they have the best melt away peppermints ever! When I saw the post I was amazed.. but don’t choose me. Send it to someone who has not had the joy of See’s Candy. There is none better.. and I’ve tried a lot of Chocolate!

  6. says

    I’m impressed that you are disciplined enough to eat one piece of this wonderful chocolate a day. I have friends who give away boxes of See’s Candy for Christmas. I can eat half a box by the time I get home! Please, enter my name into that random generator or flux capacitor or whatever that is:-)

  7. says

    Well, no surprise, but I am all about chocolate!

    Bob wants the pasta dish with the sweet italian sausage in it so I am off to find it in your blog. Happy Sunday!

  8. says

    I’ve got to wipe the drool off my keyboard before I can type … these look so yummy, especially the dark chocolate. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. says

    See’s Candies are some of my favorites. They were hard to come by in my neck of the woods and then they opened a kiosk in the mall during Christmas. It was all over for me after that!

  10. says

    See’s Candies remind me of my grandparents. I buy them a box every Christmas. Love your blog and i can’t wait to see what you will make with these yummy chocolates!!!

  11. says

    That egg box thingy is too gorgeous! You have to love See’s candy. It is really good stuff. Though I have been very interested in local artisan style chocolates lately, See’s still has a special place in my heart. They are always predictably delicious!

  12. says

    Omg I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee See’s Candy! I used to get it when I was in California…but now that I am back in Texas it is far far away! I would love to win this giveaway! I have been telling my mom about See’s Candy! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. says

    One of my good friends brought me back See’s chocolate from California when he went with his girlfriend for spring break. It was awesome! But I haven’t had it since and those Russell Stover boxes just don’t compare.

  14. says

    Oh – unrelated and you don’t have to post – Do you have any day lillies?

    I wanted them because they will take over and our soil is so bad – hard and clay and the weather gets so hot … I NEED aggressive, hardy plants.

    BUT I learned day lillies are toxic to cats and can send them into kidney failure. I planted them last spring and enjoyed them all summer without issue… but I guess I’d feel awful if one of my cats nibbled one and died…

    They are covered by snow drifts right now – but I’m thinking about ripping them out when they are visable again… and I sorta hate to… but my kitties are more important….

    What is your opinion? Thanks! Shanster

  15. says

    Mmmmm … I’m nodding in total agreement about the 31 pieces per box of chocolate thing. Or perhaps a 62 piece box just in case it’s a 2-piece kind of day! :-)

  16. Write Me Beautiful says

    Chocolate is one of those rare forms of magic that actually exists in our mundane world. We may not have witches and wizards, but we do have chocolate.

  17. says

    Nice. I always say I’m not big on chocolate, but it wouldn’t be to hard to convince me to eat some of it :-) Especially the dark stuff.

  18. says

    Pick me, pleeeeeessssseee!

    I spent the weekend reformatting my computer due to virus attack, and after 4 days of issues, I could so use it! I love chocolate!

  19. says

    Those chocs in the lavendar box are fabulous ! And 31 pieces would be a VERY good idea !

    I doubt I’ll win, but it would be no good to me anyway … I’m not in the US ! BUT … if I did, let me know … I’ve got a friend in LA who just could use a lot of chocolate right now !

    Now to go and dribble over the pictures of the chocolates again …

  20. says

    Did you say chocolate? Hello! Fingers are crossed (and you are right – 23 is not a month – but could you really just eat one a day? So good of you!)

  21. says

    Oh boy…….See’s is my absolute favorite chocolate. I remember back in the day when I would order tons of it to give away for Christmas and at Easter for my own kids. It’s the best!!

  22. says

    See’s is AMAZING chocolate! I love it. I was given a small box by a parent for Christmas one year and looked forward to that box every year until her kids moved on to middle school. Such a treat!

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