Falling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes

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Falling Cloudberries

You know the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? That definitely does not apply in this case. This book is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Both outside and inside. I received Falling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes as an early review book from Andrews McMeel Publishing. They wanted me to read it and post a review on Library Thing and on Amazon.com. Silly people, don’t they know, I don’t write reviews for Amazon, I blatantly plagiarize their reviews in my lame attempt at book reviews!! But this book was so wonderful, I am going to step up to the plate, and do my part.

Falling Cloudberries

First of all it’s gorgeous (I really can’t stop saying that). I took the dust jacket off to keep from tearing it while reading, and was delighted to see that the inside matched the dust jacket. No, plain gray or brown. The inside is every bit as beautiful from the blue flowered design on the inside of the cover, to the pictures of recipes and life. I say recipes and life, because that’s what this book is, it’s cookbook and a memoir all in one.

Pretty from the side

The author of the book, Tessa Kiros, opens the book with the following quote, “These are the recipe I grew up with: the recipes that have woven their way through the neighborhoods of my mind, past indifference and into love. Those that have stayed while others might have fluttered away with a gentle spring breeze.” What a growing up she did, she was born in London to a Finnish mother and a Greek-Cypriot father. When she was four, they moved to South Africa, and she now lives in Italy with her husband, Giovanni. Wow. Kind of makes my – born in Illinois, grew up in Missouri, and moved to Tennessee, seem kind of lame.


So, it is with that rich background of cultures and influences that she puts together this collection of recipes and stories. And quite a collection it is. She begins with Finland – from her mother and her mother’s side of the family, then to Greece and Cyprus – for her father, South Africa – from her upbringing, Italy – where she currently resides with her husband, and a section called suitcase – a lovely collection gathered along the way.


I started out listing all of the recipes that I wanted to try (but they soon became too numerous, this book is 397 pages, after all). A very shortened version of my list:

Finland – Potato Pancakes, Salmon Dill and Potato Soup, Cranberry Jam
Greece – Dolmades, Skordalia, Lemon and Oregano Chicken
Cyprus – Fried Haloumi Cheese, Green Olives with Coriander Seeds
South Africa – Lemon Vanilla Jam
Italy – Olive Oil Bread, Pasta with Sardines and Wild Fennel
Suitcase – Caramel Ice Cream, Milk Honey and Cinnamon Ice Cream

I can’t begin to say enough nice things about this book. I absolutely loved it. It’s big, gorgeous, filled with delicious sounding recipes, gorgeous photos, and a sweet family history.

Five out of five stars!

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  1. says

    I have this book Pam. I was totally seduced by the cover and wonderful stories and pictures inside. I must confess that I have never got round to actually cooking a recipe from it yet though!! I love all the greek stuff especially. I look forward to seeing you cook a recipe and then I’ll follow not far behind!

  2. says

    Aw man! Sounds like I’ll be making yet another run to the book store! My collection of cookbooks is increasing and it’s all your fault!!! =-)
    The book looks absolutely lovely and the photo’s are beautiful the recipes sound delicious! So when does this come out?

  3. says

    This book looks beautiful and I really like how she traces the recipes through the countries of her family’s history. I look forward to seeing the things that you cook from it!

  4. says

    Not only do I now feel like I need to have it…what a beautiful gift it would make for someone else!
    I, too, look forward to seeing some of the dishes on your blog!!!

  5. says

    How cool that they asked you to do a book review! I’m so impressed! The book does indeed look lovely, and I like the diversity of the recipes you indicated. You did good!

  6. says

    I love cookbooks. Actually I only buy cookbooks as I can just borrow any other book I wish to read from the library. Cookbooks are different. I read them for entertainment. I read them to search for a recipe. I just love them. And this review makes me want this one too. Good job.

  7. says

    Oh I’ve been wanting this book for a long time. It looks so gorgeous. I’m fascinated by her diverse and well-traveled background and how she manages to weave that all together in a book.

  8. says

    umm.. I haven’t bought a cookbook in forever, prefering to get the older,well worn/used ones from estate sales… but I may have to change my m.o. for this one.. thank you for the review.

  9. says

    I just want to say that i absolutely and completely agree with you. I have had this book for a while now and I must admit, it’s my latest cookbook addiction. I’ve been cooking my way through it and I haven’t found a recipe yet that hasn’t blown me away.

  10. says

    I saw a recipe from Falling Cloudberries on The Cook’s Library website. It was the pan fried veal chops w/lemon, sage and marscapone and it was just fantastic! So quick too.

    After trying the one recipe and reading your review I must get the book! Thank you!

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