New Samsung Washer Dryer Rant!

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You know, I believe there is always a grain of truth in sayings that get tossed around regularly. Like, for instance, “they don’t make ’em like they used to.”

My old washer and dryer were 22 years old. They were made long before the words energy and efficiency were combined. But they worked, which is more than I can say for my brand spanking new Samsung washer and dryer.

When we found this set, it seemed like a match made in heaven. It was not the top of the line, it was the model right before it. So, Best Buy had it on clearance and not only was it on clearance, but it was red! Red..the accent color in my kitchen and laundry room. Red. Perfect, glorious, red.

Oh, I was in love, I took pictures. Artsy pictures, little peek-a-boo shots of various dials and things. One photo, I titled “self-portrait in washing machine.”

Guess how many loads of laundry I did? Four! I did four loads of laundry before the dryer stopped working. The motherboard apparently went out. You know what happens when a motherboard goes out?? Nothing. Nothing happens. It doesn’t turn on, it doesn’t light up. It sits there. Not only did the dryer stop, but I realized that the washer never dispensed the fabric softener. So, that never worked.

We’ve been waiting three weeks for the parts, and I absolutely refuse to go to a laundramat when I spent all this money on these gorgeous machines. I refuse. That’s the problem. I am rapidly running out of underwear. I have only 2 kinds left in my drawer, the good and the bad. You know the good kind, the ones with a smidgen of lace and some ribbon that are somewhat generously called underwear. The kind that are more for taking off, than for wearing, if you catch my drift. And the bad. The ones with no elastic left whatsoever. I wore the no elastic model today, and spent most of the day running into the restroom to pull up my underwear.

If you feel sorry for me, and would like to help. Please send, Victoria’s Secret, all cotton bikini briefs, size medium.

Thank you.

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  1. says

    I hate new appliances for that same reason. We have old ones that came with the house and when there is a problem, hubby can fix it. He wouldn’t be able to fix a modern one. When they go on about the new energy efficient machines, they neglect to factor in that they are basically disposable. How efficient is that? I feel your pain. So many of my friends have bought new one week fridges. I dread the day that we have to replace these things.

  2. says

    My mom had the some problems with her two brand new Maytag front loaders. They keep getting off balance and not working. She has had the “fixed” 4 times and they are only 1 year old. Good luck with getting the dryer fixed. Nothing works as well as a clothes line. I wish our neighborhood allowed them..I’d only use my dryer in the winter. Have a great weekend!!

  3. says

    You poor thing! It is frightening when you get down to the bottom of the underwear drawer!
    What a shame that your love affair with the red machines had to end so early!

  4. says

    And that, my friend, is why I stubbornly keep calling Mr. Leonard (he of refrigerator repair last spring fame) to fix the appliances. Two washer repairs and one dryer repair in 20 years makes me a happy camper. Victoria stands ready to help you, BTW; I spoke to her personally today.

  5. says

    The new stuff definitely doesn’t work like the old stuff. I’m surprised that you didn’t read the store the riot act and make them come and take them back. I’ve got newer front loading machines and I hold my breath every time I use them. I’ve read so much on the internet about all the problems with these things – as someone said above – I think they’re basically made to be disposable.

  6. says

    I’ve always said, “We can’t trust appliances!” No matter how sweetly we talk to them or how nicely we treat them, they eventually don’t work when we really need them. Included in this group are the copy machine at work and vacuum cleaners. So now I know … even pretty red ones don’t work.

  7. says

    oh you poor thing. I am still laughing at this post. I feel your pain though. I have those new machines too but so far (knock on wood) mine have performed beautifully. Now I have probably jinxed myself and they will break down.

  8. says

    send those bad boys back and get the basic washer and dryer, you know the kind without mother boards. I never heard of such a thing. I guess being old fashion has it’s advantages when it comes to appliances. I buy the ones with the least knobs and computer tech in them. That works for me. Now, watch my plain washer go Ka-poot!

  9. says

    The minute you said “motherboard” I knew you were in trouble. I still have my Kenmore washer and dryer that I think I’ve had forever! Hope you get your parts soon….or at least that shipment from Victoria’s Secret!

  10. says

    Appliance upgrade, bad. Our 5 year old front-loader has been rebuilt, not once but twice, in the last year and still sounds like an airplane taking off when it starts to spin. I feel your pain, believe me I do. Motherboard, my butt. You can buy a lot of underwear with the money you’ll spend on repairs!

  11. says

    ugh. so sorry to hear about the appliance mess. it’s so frustrating to have to wait. why do you have to wait 3 weeks? is it because they have to ship the parts out of another country?

  12. says

    this same thing happened to me when i bought my house and got my first “fancy” washer and dryer. no problems whatsoever with the washer but the board went out on my dryer right after the warranty ran out. it was going to cost more to fix that stupid board than to just buy a new one which is nuts! i went with a regular old dryer this next time and it’s still going strong three years later. i’m glad you’re able to have yours fixed but sorry about your underwear situation!

  13. says

    Hi Pam. We also just bought a new Samsung front load washer and it also will not use the fabric softener. Have you been able to fix this? What sort of parts/labor was involved. We have debated on taking it back, but had rather just fix this one. Any info would help..


    James & Alicia

  14. Pam says

    J – Yes it was finally fixed. The repairman seemed to know all about it, since he had done the same repair to 2 other washers that week. They had to order a part, I think it was called a cellinoid (or something like that). It was all under warranty and now that everything is fixed, I love them!

  15. says

    Glad to hear that your washer/dryer is working again. I have a similar washer/dryer set also Samsung but no problems yet. I think that your new dryer experienced what I call “Infant mortality” the electronic kind that is. It means that any electronic components that are going to fail usually will fail early in their operational life, typically less than 30 days. This is why I usually don’t purchase the additional warranty service extension on new equipment unless it’s a small percentage of the purchase price, 5% or less. But, If it’s gonna fail, it usually fails rather quickly and typically within 30 days after the initial application of power. This might be why the OEM has such a short warranty time of one year on most major appliances and sometimes only 90 days on other electronics. Bad thing is that you had to wait a week or two to get your appliance working, Good thing is that the warranty covered it and you have dryer again.

    We love our Samsung, enjoy

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