Mystery Salad

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Mystery Salad

Well, as my summer vacation has officially begun, I have also officially begun the great organization of my life. I am going to get everything organized, from my pantry, to the garage, to my fabric, to my freezer. Everything. You do believe I can do it, don’t you? If you are secretly harboring any doubt in my ability, it will be all your fault when I don’t. I hope you will be able to live with yourself with that kind of guilt.

I began with my backlog of cooking pictures. This salad. A prime example. All I know about this is that I made it August 11, 2007. It looks good. Some sort of beet, avocado, goat cheese, salad with a sauteed chicken breast on top.

I know this is a completely lazy post. But I just got a Blackberry yesterday and I have already messed it up and my browser is stuck on some downloading screen and I can’t make it stop and I can’t figure out my email and..and…and

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  1. says

    Happy Summer to you too! It sounds like we have similar goals. Perhaps we need to set up some kind of system to check in on each other’s progress…I might accomplish more if I know I am accountable to someone else!! Take care ~Natalie

  2. says

    …and and and that is why I don’t get into those fancy hand held things which are supposed to make your life easier by getting stuck on download screens forever. I believe you can organize your life. I believe!

  3. says

    Feel free to come and organize my life. You might want to bring reinforcements! My hubby is never more than an arms length from his Blackberry; I’ve been known to text him with reminders! I know he checks that crazy thing often, so he can never say he didn’t get my message! hehe Bad wifey, bad wifey! :-) PS: Loved the chick peas! I cut down on the spices as I didn’t want to do the puree step as well as because I liked how yours looked. YUM!

  4. Pam says

    Rachel – feel free! Maybe the whole organizational vibe will cover the world.

    Natalie – Yes, let’s hold each other accountable.

    Marjie – thanks for the support. Maybe it’ll be like the “I think I can train”

    Deb – thanks for the vote of confidence! Expect more unknown food as I continue to organize my pictures.

    Paula – I am slowly beating the Blackberry into submission. No silly accessory is going to get the best of me.

    Raider – it’s almost like New Years Resolutions, isn’t it!

    Katherine – my point exactly. I’ve already wasted two days on this. So, I may have to lower my expectations a tad bit.

  5. says

    School is out now and you are having fun you now have a crackberry….or we call it a strawberry in my household. You shall have fun, be careful you might get addicted once you can download your items. 😉

    The mystery salad is a good idea.

  6. says

    Pam, I don’t know if you’ve fixed your blackberry yet, but here’s a piece of free advice. If you need to do a reboot, it’s similar to the control alt delete on your pc.

    You press the ALT key the Shift Key and the Delete key at the same time, and it will shut down and restart your blackberry, that should restart your browser too!


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