Strawberry-Orange Muffins

Strawberry-Orange Muffins

Last year, my CSA supplied us with huge amounts of strawberries. So, many that I still have bags of them frozen. This year, unfortunately, all the rain has not been kind to the strawberries. We have been eating our share, with no more preparation than a quick rinse off. I portion them out, so that we have two days worth, because really, without some restraint, these would be gone way too fast.

To spread the love, so to speak, I used half in the Strawberry-Orange Muffins from Eating Well. They were very good. The strawberries cooked away, leaving little, moist, purple-ish sections. One of the reviewers stated that they didn’t have that much strawberry flavor. Well, it was only a cup and a half of strawberries spread over 12 muffins. I thought it was a lovely way to extend them, instead of gobbling them up. Rather than posting the recipe, I’m going to just let you click on the link above, I hope you don’t mind, I’m feeling rather lazy!

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    Maybe I need to head back out to the strawberry farmers in the local area and pick some more to make muffins. ;) Thanks for the idea…I love to bake!!!

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    I was thinking to make muffin or cupcake too, bcs of my laziness :)

    and hey… your b’day is just a day after mine:) Happy belated birthday anyway…

    Can’t wait to see your canning summer goes:)

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    lazy is my middle name, so no explanation needed here. :)
    great use for strawberries, pam, whether fresh or frozen.

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    I’d like that muffin in the front, please. I’d break off sections of the top, one by one, and it them first. Then I’d peel off the wrapper, and nibble away on the rest of the muffin! It would be hard not to snarf down the entire thing at once, though, especially with that strawberry/orange combo. YUM!

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    These look so delicious and I have been in a muffin-making mood lately. I am a strawberry addict as well, I’ve been eating about half a pound a day!