1. says

    Gorgeous colour. Your garden is just a couple of weeks ahead of mine. I only have yellow daylillies, in various sizes. But yours is a heavenly colour.
    *Note to self: must get more daylillies*

  2. Pam says

    Anh – thank you, I wish I could grow all the roses that you do!

    Barbara – thank you

    Sandi – I know it’s easy to take them for granted, they are such reliable troopers.

    Shabby, Kathy, Kat & April – thank you!

    Tins – it’s an older model Canon Rebel. I love it.

    Antoinette – thank you!

    Marjie – my mom always tried to get her Easter lilies to bloom.

    Pam – thank you!

    Ungourmet – post some pictures!

    Natashya – thank you.

    Lee – no, I bought them from some local man who breeds (is that the right word) his own.

    Lover – thank you!

    Carolina – oh yes, do get more!

    cagrowngirl – when will yours start blooming?

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