Garden Tuesday – A Progression

In the spring, the candytuft takes center stage.

As the candytuft starts fading, the catmint and roses begin.

Front Bed

In the bottom right corner is the candytuft with the brown dried seed heads. The catmint is still blooming, but is starting to fizzle out. The daylillies and purple cornflowers hold court for the hot days of June and July.

I thought you might like to see my front bed as a progression. I’ll take a few more pics in the following weeks, and then do a wrap-up in the fall.

I’d like to say that I planned this lovely progression of flowers, choosing them for their blooming time. That I poured over gardening catalogues and drew charts and graphs. But I didn’t and that would be lying, and I never lie.

Case in point: when hubby was lamenting over the fact that he had to drop off the car to get new tires and then he would have to ride the bus into town with the weird people. And I said, “Don’t worry, they won’t bother you, you look waaaay too geeky.”

“Do, I look too geeky?”

“No darling, of course you don’t.”

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  1. says

    Beautiful garden – I’m jealous. It sounds like you and your husband have such a cute relationship. I never lie either, I just won’t answer people if they won’t like the truth!

  2. says

    Poor hubby, wondering if he’s geeky looking. From the old family portrait you once posted, he looks nice to me, and so does your front garden. Good “lucky” planning to get it to bloom in succession!

  3. says

    Oh lordy, you can never see my front yard. It’s so pathetic looking compared to yours! I love the photo seasonal progression idea! I used to have candy tuft, but it’s long gone now. I loved how bright and clean looking it was every spring. Now I have bark dust.

    Poor hubby. Did he catch that your response to his question pertained to looking “too” geeky vs. just looking geeky? Ha! He probably wondered all day if he was part of the nerd-herd. Actually, from the photo you posted of your family, he’s got nothing to worry about! :-)

  4. says

    In my family, geeky is a great complement. Worry not Hubby! In the home of the Kafoosters, you would be welcome with open arms!.. beautiful garden bye the bye!

  5. says

    What a beautiful, lush garden! I am envious! I wish I had the skill (and the will) to look after mine like that! :)