Simplicity 4668

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Simplicity 4668

After fitting issues with last week’s shirt, I decided to make something that doesn’t have to fit. What doesn’t require fitting…answer…a purse. Or as they are apparently called in sewing, a tote.

Simplicity 4668

This is my favorite purse pattern, I’ve made it several times. I went out to the Simplicity website to get a picture of the pattern for you, but it must be out of print. I like that it has all these panels, and that you can mix or match fabrics to get the look you want.

When I found this cute fabric at Hobby Lobby, I thought that it would make a great purse, because it had all those different colors. It would go with everything. But while making the purse, I decided that it would make an even cuter skirt. Just think of all the different colored t-shirts that it would go with. But I can’t very well have a skirt that matches my purse, because that would be just too weird. So, I have ruined this fabric for a skirt. But have no fear, I just found out that there is a cute quilt shop about 10 minutes from my home (pause here, while hubby inserts an anguished wail). I don’t quilt, but I could always start, and besides there is no law that says quilting fabric can’t adorn a body, now is there?

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  1. says

    I love that pattern. I don’t see why you can’t make the skirt as well and just don’t use the purse whenever you wear it. Using quilt fabric would be awesome, so many of the patterns are so pretty.

  2. says

    What an incredible and fun satchel! Love the color choices and design arrangement the textile artist came up with, too. Like a delicious taste of summer– I want to grab a spoon and take a bite!

  3. says

    Oh, I totally see the skirt! The skirt, tshirt & flip flops! I’ve heard other people talk about Hobby Lobby too. I guess we don’t have them here. Perhaps a photo tour in your future???

  4. says

    I would call it a knitting bag.. see how those names can chnage? I agree with Joanne, there is no reason not to have the skirt too.. just use a different purse at the time. As the blog rolled on to my screen I went Oh! with a little catch in my throat..

  5. says

    Hehehe, lovely purse. Things like this make me wish I could sew.
    I would make the skirt ánd a blouse out of this fabric and wear it with the purse. The sun will shine everywhere you go. And then some men in white suits will come and take you away 😉

  6. says

    There are plenty of people who use quilting fabrics for skirts. Plus, they make great “totes”, too! Hubby should be glad you don’t have a really expensive hobby, usually involving electronics! Your tote is pretty, and I think you need several more in fun quilting fabrics!

  7. says

    This is so cute! I have terrible sewing skills and after several attempts I have learned to only make things that don’t have to fit anyone. Blankets, curtains… and now… purses – it could be a revelation!

  8. says

    I love this tote! The fabric is so cheerful. :)

    I’ve just spent the past 30 minutes perusing your gorgeous blog. (Thanks for leaving a comment on mine last week.) You are a fabulous photographer, your garden is beautiful, you have some wonderful recipes posted and I’m hooked. I’ve got you bookmarked and will return on a regular basis!

  9. Pam says

    Natalie – I’m sure I’ll find something that I can make into clothes!

    Joanne – I know, I’m seriously considering going ahead and making it a skirt.

    Pearl – thank you!

    Sparkle – thank you!

    Kat – you’re right.

    Barbara – thank you!

    Doggy – thank you!

    Antoinette – tomayto tomahto.

    Chellebelle – they also have knitting classes at this new store! I may learn to knit socks.

    jlars – I know, I only go to the fabric store when my husband is not home, so I can stash the purchases.

    Carolina – really, why not immerse myself in it!

    Love – thank you!

    Terri – I think I will.

    Susan – thank you!

    Les – thank you for stopping by! I loved your blog too!

  10. says

    Love the purse! I still have placemats I bought last summer waiting to be turned into purses. They’ve just about aged enough.

  11. says

    This is the third time I’ve started typing a comment here … let’s see if I make it all the way through this time! I adore yours! I usually always have one with me as I’m usually toting library books, notepads, etc. Tote’s are actually something that I can sew (because I took a class on how to do it), although mine is a basic tote, not paneled like your darling creation. I really like your choice of fabrics. You know, tote’s are all the rage for teenage girls these days. You could make a fortune selling these on ebay! :-)

  12. says

    I LOVE this purse/tote! I just recently got into sewing and made my first item. I wish this pattern was still made because I would definitely like to try it out. :(

  13. says

    I have this pattern and I believe it is out of print, however there is a very similar one (Simplicity 2750 view B) and a pattern review written on it. I searched the reviews for one on this bag and I have a fetish for florals and blogs about bags .. yours is outstanding tho my DH would not want to walk with me if I had a matching bag and skirt .. I have this pattern sitting out and now have to keep the momentum following the two Frenchy Bags I just completed ..

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