Weekend Cat Blogging #212


It’s hot here, people. Really, really hot.


And when you are a 16 pound cat, and 8 pounds of that is hair, hot is not good.


Smudge apologizes for the x-rated pictures, but he can’t be bothered with modesty in this heat.

This will be my entry for this week’s Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by Miz Mog and Kitties at Mind of Mog.

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  1. says

    Awww, he sleeps like a person! So does my dog except she maneuvers her body into these random angles in the process.

  2. says

    Too Cute! Max and Smudge would get along well as Max likes that position too. When asleep it usually means he is spread crosswise across the bed. When awake it means he wants me to sit and rub his belly.

  3. says

    So cute, I try to get pictures of my cats and they always move by the time I get the camera out and ready for the shot. Great photos!!

  4. says

    Ah, even though he’s hot, he sure looks like a happy cat. Right now my cats have each sought out a warm spot to lounge in as summer STILL has not arrived. I wore a coat yesterday. Send us some of your heat! Hope you stay cool today!

  5. says

    Just ran across your picture and totally can relate. We have several long hair babies and how they can tolerate the heat and appear to even enjoy it I’ll never know. We have a large screened in front porch that they have claimed as their own.

  6. says

    I took a picture of my cat through my back window that looks almost like these! He has a lot of hair too!

    My daughter always asks me who Pete is too! :0)

  7. says

    Ahhh, so sweet!

    Poor Smudge though… I guess it would be pretty freaky to do a little shave at this time of year?
    I used to shave my American Long Hair, and she hated it at first, but quickly found that she loved being cooler!

  8. says

    Awah! Poor hot kitty!
    Our cat was about that “fur” size. We got him shaved in the summer. Like a poodle. Left his head, feet and tail with fur everything else was shaved. I’ll post a photo of him if I can find it.