Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Carrabba’s Italian Grill MDA Charity Event July 30

Since I love to cook, I don't eat out very often. But when I do eat out, Carrabba's is always one of my top choices. So, when I was contacted and asked if I would help publisize their upcoming charity event, I didn't even have to think twice. Then I said, "But what's in it for my peeps, besides the whole feel good about yourself thing and the cocktail and the sampling of four menu items?" and they said "well, how about the recipes for the cocktails and a recipe for Chicken Parmesan Piccolinos?" and I said "sold!" **Not really, I pretty much said okay right from the start, I'm pretty easy going that way.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill “Mix it up for MDA” Event

What: “Mix it Up for MDA” Event, a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

When: Thursday, July 30thfrom 5 p.m. to close

Cost: $15 a person

Admission includes a sampling of four food items from the new Mr. C’s Bar Menu and, for guests 21 years and older, one of three signature cocktails (Blackberry Lemonade, the Italian Lemon Drop or Blackberry Fields Martini) or another drink on the Mr. C’s list. In addition to monies raised from event admission, Carrabba’s also will donate $1 to MDA for each of the three signature drinks sold from July 30 – August 6.

Where: To find Carrabba’s locations near you, click here.

Chicken Parmesan Piccolinos

8 oz breast split Chicken breast, pounded thin (1/4 inch)
* Kosher salt and black pepper (to taste)
1 Beaten egg
2 Cups Seasoned breadcrumbs
2 oz Olive oil
4 oz Hot pomodoro sauce
1 oz Grated romano cheese
2 slices Mozzarella
4 slices Italian mini sandwich bread

1. Season chicken on both sides with the kosher salt and black pepper. Dip chicken breast into beaten egg and then coat with the seasoned breadcrumbs.

2. Heat olive oil, medium heat in a Teflon-coated skillet. Make sure the oil is hot before placing breaded chicken into the pan otherwise breading will absorb oil and not brown properly. Sauté chicken breast on both sides until golden brown.

3. Place chicken on a baking pan. Spread the pomodoro sauce evenly over the chicken and sprinkle with romano cheese, and top with mozzarella.

4. Melt cheese under broiler until lightly browned.

5. Cut to size and serve on Italian mini sandwich bread.

And, the lovely Andrew, my new best friend at Carraba's sent me the links for some youtube videos, where you can watch master mixologist Charlotte Voisey, mix up the new cocktails. I want to be a master mixologist.

Doesn't that sound like fun!!


Anonymous said...

This is great!

the ungourmet said...

It's great that you were able to post this. What a terrific fundraiser.

I could go for one of those yummy blackberry lemonades!

Eve said...

I wish they had one in London because I would so be there trying one of each cocktail. They look beautiful!

Sadly I can't remember the last time I had a cocktail... I must fix this.

Judi said...

Way to go, peep! Thanks!

SweetPeaSurry said...

Oohhh I love Carrabba's!!!

Those drinks look smashing!


Pam said...

All of those drinks would be so tasty right now!

Grace said...

i've enjoyed carrabba's every time i've dined there--they never fail to satisfy my taste buds. great recipes, and thanks for bringing the fundraiser to my attention!

Joanne said...

sounds like a fun event. Too bad I live so far away!

noble pig said...

The Blackberry Fields is for me! I hope the event does well, I don't beieve we have this restaurant on the West Coast.

Joy said...

ha ha ha I was just thinking you should add master mixologist to your list of talents, and then you said it!

a good yarn said...

Cin! Cin!

shabby girl said...

You are so good to us!