Dorie Greenspan’s Garlic Scape Pesto

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Garlic scapes. They’re popping up all over food blogger land lately. When my CSA handed me garlic scapes for 3 weeks in a row, I just kept putting them in a bag, till eventually I had a bag full that was just too big to ignore.


When Dorie Greenspan’s post on Garlic Scape Pesto popped up in my Google Reader, I’d found my answer. This smelled so good as I was making it, all garlicy and fresh and green. Since I didn’t have any plans for it right now, I froze it in my ice cube tray. Popped the little frozen cubes of goodness out and put them in a ziplock. To be pulled out one flavorful cube at a time to use in soups, salsas, sauces, pizzas, beans, bruschettas…really, have I left anything out? Pestos are my favorite ingredient to have in my freezer, I currently have traditional basil pesto, garlic scape pesto, and parsley walnut pesto. I have plans for a cilantro and a mint pesto in the very near future.

I’m not going to post the recipe, you’ll have to follow the above link. Don’t you love that picture of Dorie in that charming kitchen? It makes me heart for a small kitchen, only I’m sure mine wouldn’t be that functional or nearly as charming.

This will be my entry for this week’s Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Laurie at Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska.

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    that is SUCH an excellent idea! ha, i wonder if the ice you might make with that ice tray will now have garlic infused in it.

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    I love that rooster in her kitchen! I’ve yet to use garlic scapes, but this really intrigues me. I LOVE how you put them in cube trays (I do that for other stuff like chicken stock). Hope you have a great holiday tomorrow!

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    I just made some garlic scape pesto as well and it was so good! If I can find some more scapes this week I will have to make some more and free it. Great idea!

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    I made pesto with my garlic scapes as well! This was one of the recipes that I considered going with. I don’t think I ended up having enough scapes for it and I didn’t feel like scaling it down.

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    I have never heard of garlic scapes. Now I will be on the look out! Thanks so much for sharing where you got the recipe from. I enjoyed reading Dorie’s blog and will add her to my list of loves! Thanks Pam!

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    With an overflow of scapes and an overflow of basil, this recipe was “made to order” for me. I’d never have thought of freezing them, though its funny because I freeze almost everything else as a main preservation method. Brillent idea! How much does one cube yield when defrosted?

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    although i’ve yet to sample the neat-looking creature known as a garlic scape, this sounds like an excellent way to prepare and eat it. i like your ice tray tip too–very clever. :)

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    Gorgeous! I keep looking for garlic scapes, but can’t find any here :( I love the idea of the cubes…great way of “not wasting”!! Delish!

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