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    I,too am a law abiding citizen! My Crepe Myrtles always bloom later than everyone elses for some reason. Probably the gardener.

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    sure makes me miss my texas home… as our neighborhood was filled with those lovely trees. the drive into it has rows of them.. a stunning entrance indeed. thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.

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    Pam – These are southern laws I can support! Common, yes. But, they are absolutely beautiful in every color.

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    I really like Crepe Myrtles. I think they’re so pretty when they’re lush and full. My gram’s house has one out front. It’s lovely.

    blessings and gorgeous piccies!

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    My neighbour had a charming pink crepe myrtle which grew over our fence. As a child I used to delight in sitting underneath. The petals would fall like fairy dust whenever a gentle breeze blew. Happy memories.