Garden Tuesday – Telephoto Lens Please

So far away

Okay, who wants to chip and buy me a telephoto lens? Any takers?

Help me please

Because this is what I was trying to take a picture of. Donations welcome.

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    Hi Pam! This made me lol! We actually have feeders in our yard to attract the Cardinals. They are something, for sure. I have quite a few terrible/fuzzy shots of them…through our sliding glass door because I can never get close enough.

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    lol. i feel ya! i have a great camera…but the great lenses are as much as the camera itself!! waited 5 yrs on the camera.. any bets how long i’ll be waiting on the lenses?
    hope you get yours! -Tracie

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    Christmas is right around the corner!
    Such beautiful birds! Supposedly, there are cardinals around here, but I’ve never seen one. Lucky you!!!

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    lol, Pam you crack me up! I think you did a FINE job, telephoto lens or not.

    I love to see Cardinals; there are none where I live and I’ve never seen one in person. Thank you for sharing this one with me. :)

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    His cousin lives in a juniper in my yard. Their family has been there for generations – 20 years of which I’m aware. Send excess donations my way, so we can help these cousins exchange pictures.

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    Oooh, nice rock! Okay, just kidding! I love cardinals. We don’t have any at all, not ONE, where I live. They were my late sister’s favorite bird, and they always bring a smile to my face reminding me of her! Thanks for making my day!

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    Cardinals are so bright and cheery. I was thinking the same thing about how good a telephoto lens would be a couple weeks ago when I was out on my porch and I saw a beautiful hare in my back yard. Huge, it really was. And I tried to take a picture, but to anyone else looking at it, you’d think I was capturing the lovely oak tree in the background. Sigh. Its so hard to get close enough to the animals around us to capture those moments.

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    I don’t have a telephoto lens but my neighborhood cardinals are faaaast. I can’t usually get my camera out and on before they have flown away. Dang cardinals.

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    My grandmother gave me and my sister ceramics birds when we were kids. Mine was a Blue Jay and my sister had a Cardinal. They are so beautiful, I wish we had them here!

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    Wow pretty! If only I could see it better! ;)

    Start a charity. Thats what I did when I wanted to make a trip home to show off my newborn son. Sent e-mails to all friends and family for any donations and managed to get half the funds we needed.

    Of course there was the incentive of getting to meet my Son, but still. Might work!