I’m Here to Please

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You know, I’m pretty happy with my little piece of blogland that I occupy. I work pretty hard at it…braving the elements for my gardening pictures, slaving over a hot stove and grill for my foodie fans, making my cats hold still for their weekly photo op, drinking the wine, reading the books. But I do it cheerfully for you, my peeps, my followers, my lurkers.

And while, I don’t dare compete with the master bloggers, I’m pleased with my average of 20 or so comments. I know you, with your 60 or 80, or gulp, hundreds of comments per post are shaking your head sadly at little-ole-me. But seriously, I love my average of 20 comments, it’s like the porridge and Goldilocks, it’s just right.

So, what am I to think of a recent post that earned almost twice my average number of comments?? What did I have to do to almost double my comments, you’re wondering. Simple. Drop hair gel on my boob. Is that what it takes people? Cause if you want more stuff spilled on my boobs. That I can do. I’m here to please.

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  1. says

    LOL.. 😀 at least you get 20! and we love reading your posts..so keep up the great work! we small blogs serve a purpose too! even if it is to provide a giggle once in a while, out of our boob art! teehee -Tracie

  2. says

    Like many of your followers, I read your blog almost daily yet comment occasionally. Who could resist commenting on your gel mishap? Not me. lol Blessings, SusanD

  3. says

    AHAHA. Love it. :) 20 too much is a lot! I might do some boob smothering to achive more comments… If only I had boobs of sizable notice!

  4. says

    I vote for that suggestion….I look a few times a week, but that could turn me into an everyday fan. (you can’t see me right now, but I’m winking) He he.

  5. says

    I would be pleased with 20. I prefer your recipe blogs. Now if you would like to drop something on your boob while cooking, I guess that would please everyone! Imagine the comments then!

  6. says

    Sometimes Thor gets 20 comments. You have a much greater following than I, and so does my dog. I enjoy what you write, and love it when you provide us with a good giggle.

  7. says

    Now this could get veerrrry interesting! BTW: I love your blog of which I am an avid follower. I look forward to each and every comment on my humble little blog, and feel like I’ve just visited with friends after reading them. Of course, if I’d put pictures of my spillage on there, I could perhaps up the ante on the friendship level! :-)

  8. Debbie Cook says

    ROFLOL! I was going to comment on the recent skirt you sewed, but this one is more my speed. Still love the skirt though.

  9. says

    look what a little bit of self disclosure does for your comment level. I have noticed the same thing on my own blog, if in the middle of more general info I put something out there about myself I invariably get more comments. This was the first time I had seen you post a pic of yourself so I had to comment on it.

  10. says

    That is too funny! My son’s cake must be a rockin’ post too! I can’t believe how many peeps stopped by to comment. This blogging business is an interesting thing!

  11. wyo says

    Isn’t that a hoot? Work at it, get results … spill stuff on your boobs (and take a photo), get double-results! 😉 (I like all your posts, except I feel a little sad about the food ones because I personally just do not like to cook … only to bake!)

  12. says

    Cheap celebrity style stunts such as the boob gel antics will increase your audience but as you have experienced, such fame is fleeting. You’ve had your 15 minutes – now move on.

  13. says

    20 is nothing to sneeze at! I love everything about your blog. The photography rocks. The recipes are tantilizing. The humor keeps me smiling. And, book talk. I can never get enough of that. I’m here to stay. When’s dinner? :)

  14. says

    hah! i enjoy your blog — don’t always comment, but i do enjoy it.

    it might be that most of us can *totally* relate to what happened with the hair gel — whereas we, (especially myself), cannot always relate to the perfect dishes, beautiful pics of your lovely garden, and the wonderful shots of your darling cats. it’s like looking at beautiful art — so admirable, but we’re just wishing for 1/10th of your talent. now klutziness, on the other hand — we’re right there with you! :)

  15. says

    I’m gingerly pawing through your blog to find this infamous blobbed boob pic, I miss so much when I take a little time off (giggles)!

    I love ya blog, blobs on boobs or no!!!


  16. says

    Haha…I’ve occassionally pondered why some posts get lots of comments and others not so much. Baking definitely gets more than cooking…

    Maybe you just need to find a way to work in the words “hair gel” and “boob(s)” in every post.

  17. says

    Okay…let’s make it an even 30 comments! You are so funny Pam! I love reading your blog. I barely get 5 or 6 comments…help!

    Which boob…maybe I should drop something on mine…the opposite one of course…a pair of dropsys…or maybe in my case droopsies!!

    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Nancy

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