A Little (Or a Lot!) of Birthday Sewing

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Kelsey's Apron

As some of my long-time blogees know, my three daughters are adopted. In addition to providing me with a ready-made family, Vietnam also provided me with their birth certificates. Key word there is – provided. Since they didn’t regularly issue birth certificates, they had to issue them for our adoption. And issue them they did, exactly 9 days apart. So beginning on July 21 and ending on Aug 7th, we have 3 birthdays, a birthday every 9 days. Since my birthday and my husband’s are a week apart in May, it is either feast or famine on birthdays in the Sidewalk household.

Kate's Apron

This year in addition to the usual presents or money, I decided to make something for the girls. I haven’t sewn for them since they were little. Since all of my girls know their way around a kitchen, I thought a cute apron would be perfect. I decided to make them reversible, because everyone knows, that’s like getting two for the price of one.

Hayley's Apron

So, I turned to my new book, The Perfect Apron: 35 Fun and Flirty Designs for You to Make to see what I could find. I wanted something simple, since I had to make three.

I enjoyed making these so much, I think that I’ll try to make them something every year for their birthday. Except that my youngest has decided to not celebrate birthdays anymore (because they didn’t celebrate them in Vietnam). I imagine the other two are greedily rubbing their hands together imagining the overflow that will fall their way!

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  1. says

    Those are so cute. I love the combination of materials. I love aprons and always tell anyone who asks why I wear them I say because I can’t cook without them! I have made a few too, but usually give them away. I am a full body apron girl.
    What a nice gift! I am sure the un-birthday girl will take the gifts just because.

  2. says

    Pam, those are beautiful aprons! Thanks for the link back to the adoption post, too — I hadn’t seen that and I really enjoyed reading it. :) My mom is Vietnamese and it’s funny how little birth days seem to mean culturally. I remember her telling me how they considered conception date more important than birth date. When she came to the U.S. she got a new birthday, too. LOL

  3. says

    They are so cute! What a great mom your are.
    I made a couple of dolls when my daughter was young.. that’s about all.
    ps. My birthday is in September. Just sayin’. 😉

  4. says

    Pam those are stunning! I’m half inclined to learn how to sew just so I can have one! love them so much. :)

    I’m sure your daughters will be very happy with those beauties!

  5. says

    Those are cute aprons. I am willing to bet that while the one daughter protests that she on’t celebrate birthdays, she won’t decline presents!

    We have 8 birthdays (including mine and my dearly beloved’s) between Halloween and Feb. 4, along with all the holidays everyone else has. Believe me, I suffer birthday overload, too!

  6. Pam says

    Food – thank you!

    Kat – I know, my next aprons will be full body.

    Shabby – thank you!

    Antionette – thank you!

    Natashya – Um, could you tell my daughters what a great mom I am??

    Red – thank you!

    Noble – thank you!

    Eve – thank you! Sewing really is easy (sort of) once you start.

    Marjie – wow! I don’t feel so bad about all of our birthdays now!

    Yarn – yes, they are!

  7. says

    Its so funny, I am discovering that a bunch of the ladies whose food blogs I follow also SEW! (just like me!) Makes the world seem even a bit smaller. I love it – and the aprons are so darn cute!

  8. says

    Our birthdays are bunched too; some in April, some in June, and a couple in October. The aprons are adorable; I’ll have to give a look at that book. I can’t live without aprons.


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