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    See. That’s a difference between cats and dogs. Dogs would be jumping and digging and making a mess. Cats stroll.

    My two would love to be out in the yard – if the yard was within these four walls.

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    My girl, Shasta, does that too. We say she’s doing a perimeter check. It’s her job, and she takes it seriously. If Wilson goes out in the middle of the night he’ll do a perimeter check. Drives me crazy then; I just want to go back to bed!
    Smudge is such a beautiful kitty!

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    Smudge is making sure all is well – it’s his job!

    Just catching up on all your wonderful recipes. I have to try the trout! And I’m off to see what I can whip up herb-wise. Thank you for all the wonderful food you share. I really appreciate your pictures and all the beautiful food, so lovingly prepared.

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    Ah, we call that “Securing the Perimeter”! Lordy, Smudge is a gorgeous … does he get even fluffier (if possible) during the winter? javascript:void(0)