Weekend Wine Reviews #4

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This crisp morning reminds me that pretty soon I’ll be switching over to some red wine reviews. You know how some people chose their wine based on what they are eating? Well, I sometimes do, but for me it’s mostly seasonal. Summer and spring means white, and fall and winter means red.

Happy Camper

Happy Camper, Chardonnay, 2007, California. $7.99. I will be the first to admit that I bought this wine solely on it’s name alone. Give me a cute name or a cute label and into my wine basket you go. Unfortunately that methodology doesn’t always equal success. This had a pleasant butterscotchy flavor and a full mouthfeel, however their was nothing special about it. Buy again – no.

Oak Grove

Oak Grove Chardonnay, California, 2007. $7.99. They say – Tropical fruit flavors, followed by a smooth, creamy finish. Notes of vanilla and toasty oak. We say – fruity front, smooth and ends buttery. Buy again – definitely!

Gnarly Head

Gharly Head Chardonnay, 2006. $10.99. They say – bright tropical flavors of pineapple and citrus followed by a zingy ginger accent and hints of toasted graham cracker and vanilla on a creamy finish. We say – creamy, citrusy, but mellow. Excellent!! Buy again – definitely!!!

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  1. says

    We bought a bottle of Gnarly Head 2007 Chardonnay just last night. Haven’t tried it yet. Apparently, it did quite well at the CA State Fair competition.

    Love your Sunday wine review.

    BTW – Still looking for Bohemian Highway wines…

  2. says

    I love cute labels too…
    And paired with my hubby’s wine bottle necklaces, it makes an awesome gift. Thanks for tasting the Happy Camper for me…I may have wasted my $ on that one too!
    Enjoy your Sunday ~Natalie

  3. says

    Hey! I like these reviews:) I will refer to them..even though Jacques makes our wine..I love to offer different interesting wines..here and when going to someone’s home.I am so guilty of falling for a cute and pretty face too:)

  4. says

    Wow, thanks for the reviews. I’m going to have to go back and see if you found any good pinot grigios – my fav at the moment…

    I also choose my wine by season. What’s better than a icy cold glass of pinot grigio on a hot summer night?

  5. says

    I love the happy camper name. I’ve never tried it before. I don’t like Chardonnay so I would have to try a different flavor. I buy for the name sometimes too.

  6. says

    I want the Happy Camper wine every though it didn’t taste any good because that label is so gorgeous!

    And I am impressed that you could review any of them after drinking three bottles – which I am assuming is what you have done in one sitting.

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