Will Anyone Notice?

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Okay, I was just getting ready to walk out the house to go shopping. Literally, ready to walk out the door, when for the zillionth time, I ran my hands through my bangs to get them out of my face. You know…the gesture familiar to anyone who has ever tried to grow out their bangs. By the end of the day, my bangs are a greasy mess from my hands being run through them over and over and over again. So, I decide a quick trip up to the bathroom for a light spritz of hair spray to hold the offending hair in place is called for.

I run up, grab and spritz. Only there is no spritz, it’s a glob. A big glob that falls on the only protruding part of my body (and really it doesn’t protrude quite as perkily as it used to, but it still managed to be in the way). WTF? I look at my hairspray, it’s spray gel! I try and wash the offending glob off. Do you think anyone will notice?

I don't see anything wrong

P.S. and yes, I know, that color is completely wrong for me, darn you Target and your $5.99 t-shirts.

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  1. says

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one messing her shirt up mere seconds before going somewhere. Usually it’s when I don’t have much left in the closet to change into! I think the color of the shirt looks just fine!

  2. says

    Hmm. People will just think you’re nursing.

    I have a mass of kinky curls, so I
    1) don’t know what it’s like to have my bangs fall anywhere.
    2) have never been able to run my hands through them.
    3) The only product I’ve ever known is gel.

    I have such straight hair envy!!

  3. says

    That has so happened to me….I’m ready to walk out the door when I’ll stop to eat or drink something that ends up on me instead of in me. lol Thanks for the smile. Blessings, SusanD

  4. says

    Oh this made me laugh! I don’t know how many times I had to change at the last minute because of a spot on the shirt! You have such a great sense of humor! I gave up on bangs and my hair a long time ago! I think about cutting it and dying it all the tie, but I don’t because if I don’t like it and have to grow it out, I hate the grow-out stage.

  5. says

    You made me laugh out loud!

    We’re never happy! When you get old..you want bangs:) Hides the furrows.. with our humidity.. we pull on the frizzies!To make the bangs stay on the forehead and not frame the furrows in frizz..

    The glob has never happened..but I have been temporarily blinded.Or sprayed the walls.:Oy the things we do!

    Me too I have straight hair envy.
    Cute pic!

  6. says

    yep.. was all dressed and ready to leave the other day, and i was throwing on mascara so i didn’t look so washed out… and what do i do? drop the wand right on my boob! totally know how frustrating it is!
    and i agree.. the color looks great on you!

  7. says

    What a bummer – stuff like that always happens to me. My bangs are always greasy by the end of the day from playing with them too much – it drives me nuts.

  8. says

    Okay, now that I have stopped laughing, I can finally type again!

    A. Breastfeeding lately?
    B. The color looks great on you. The shirt color, that is!
    C. You are such a little bitty thing! Such a tiny waistline!
    D. I have that happen all the time, usually the last bite of whatever I’m eating decides to adorn my shirt.
    E. I keep trying to grow my bangs out, get frustrated, and cut them again. Now I know that hair spray is the key to success.

  9. Stargirl says

    ooo, target has shirts for 5.99? i need to totally go check that out

    stains dont show up so much on dark shirts after they dry, i spilt coffee on my newly sewn gray dress at 8 am at work, but it wasn’t too obvious

  10. says

    Oh the proverbial boob stain. I live with one of those almost everyday. They’re usually coffee colored.

    PS – I like the color of the t-shirt.

  11. says

    I do have rather large protuberances, so EVERYTHING falls on them. My favorite apron, red, did not help in disguising that fact, so now I use only white aprons. If I do spill on myself when we’re out in public, you can be sure it’s front and center.

  12. says

    lol! that’s me also. anytime there’s anything to spill, i will. mostly i get coffee or food on a white shirt — never seem to do it on a black one…

  13. says

    Hey, you’re not teapot-shaped!

    This is like when you give a mouse a cookie…if you are touching your bangs too much because you’re growing them out, then you have to go back for hair product rescue…but disaster ensues, an assessment has to be made (can I still go out or do I have to change my T-Shirt?, if the T-shirt is changed it may require other changes (jewelry etc.) and naturally you have to take a picture to document and write a post.

    You do know the children’s book series I’m referencing? Give a Moose a Muffin…Pig a Pancake etc.

  14. says

    Ha, I own more Target t-shirts than I care to admit and all have stains that are permanent. Oh, and holes, right in the front where my jeans button. And, occasionally, baby and toddler snot, wiped ever so carefully on the shoulders. I never look to see if anything is on my shirt when I walk out the door because I ALREADY KNOW that there is! Thanks for the laugh!

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