Doesn’t Everyone?

Kitty Placemat

Certainly I am not the only one who makes placemats for their kitty cats?

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  1. says

    You are so creative in your fabric choices and lucky kitties get to enjoy the patterns. They have to know they are so special. I don’t know anyone else who has lovingly, handmade kitty placemats!!

  2. says

    Colorful fabric and colorful kibble! I love the water dish, too! Alas, my poor kitties eat off a store bought place mat. It’s really cute though, as it is pet themed!

  3. says

    spoiler. :)
    i don’t even use placemats for myself, and i suspect i’d use them for my kitties before i put some on my own table–they’re messy eaters. :)

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    You must have a very happy cat (cats?). I smiled seeing that lovely sunny placemat. I don’t sew, so I buy. But I’m tempted to start sewing now… ;-) Only then I’d have to bake biscuits for the dogs too *sigh* Please someone, hide the sewingmachine from me!

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    I was just showing my co-worker, Bob (nothing like my former co-worker, Bob…I miss Bob) your blog, asking him if he knows what that picture is you posted today and I scrolled down through your former posts to this one and he said it looked Japanese. I let him know it was cat food. lol. Maybe you had to be here.
    He was impressed with your photos and said you need to come here and cook for us.