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Sometime in July a friend of mine asked me to make a Facebook Fan Page, and put my blog posts on it, so that my blog posts would post directly to her Facebook Page. I had never heard of such a thing, but she is some marketing guru and knows the ends and outs of this social networking thing.

So, I did it. It’s only taken me 2 months to figure out how to do it. And by do it, I mean set up the page. I have no idea how to maintain, keep it interesting, or what half of the stuff on it means.

But, for better or worse, I have a Fan Page. My blog posts on it daily. I also put other recipes that I find and want to try, and stuff that I want to buy, and stuff that looks cool, and, and, and. Oh, and I think you can post to it too, you can put pictures and links and maybe other things. So, I think that if you make one of the recipes that I post, you can post your picture out there too, and tell about it. Isn’t that cool??

Right now, we are a small chummy group. And by small, and chummy, I mean 5 fans. And I’m one of them. And my daughter is another. Sad, but true. But c’mon peeps, it might be fun. It might not be. But there are worse things you could do, you know.

To join, click on the Facebook button on my side column and become a Sidewalk Shoes fan.

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  1. says

    My children have threatened to disavow any knowledge of me if I join facebook. So I’ll just have to remain a blog only fan.

    BTW, what was yesterday’s mystery answer? We’re all waiting to be educated!

  2. says

    Alrighty, I’m game. I joined facebook because it’s a great way to stay connected to my relatives who live hither and yon, especially the young and hip young adult ones. Of course, I don’t have a photo, and I don’t have a clue how to navigate the thing. Guess that makes me a lurker! Even so, I really enjoy the little one line blurbs that friends post.

  3. says

    Well, I’m a Facebook member, but only to keep track of old friends AND my grandchildren. Think I will stick to reading your blog here. Guess I’m no fun!

  4. says

    I joined for like two days and took myself off because I was feeling “over exposed” for lack of a better word(s). I guess I probably don’t know enough about it. I don’t even know how to do the links you all do when you put “here” on your blog and I can click on it and go somewhere else. Very challenged indeed.