Garden Tuesday – Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives

When they start blooming, you can really tell a difference between garlic chives and regular chives. Regular chives have those clover like purple flowers and garlic chives have these large white lacey heads. Some of you may remember my whimsical post, where I talked about letting things go to seed and creating a freeform garden. Well, after having to pull garlic chives from every inch of my herb garden, that is not happening this year!

Garlic Chives

Bonus kitty cat picture and it’s not even the weekend!

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  1. says

    love the kitty shot, and yes i had to glance at the calendar! been so busy reading of late no time to blog, but i do LOVE peeking in here, you on one of my favorite blogs, you are so well rounded! well you know, i love all the things you do~

  2. says

    I accidentally planted garlic chives one year. Loved them so much and used them in so many recipes, that now I grow them on purpose.

  3. says

    Chives of one of my favorite herbs but I don’t think I’ve ever had garlic chives. I’m sure they taste great! And they do look so pretty.

  4. says

    Some plants are so invasive you really do learn quickly which ones to let seed and which to snip back!

    We have acreage now to I can let things go a little more then I used to. But I still am careful with some of the little devils.