POM Iced Coffee

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POM Iced Coffee

I’m sure you’ve read the whole debate about food bloggers getting free things to try and then blog about. As a food blogger, who absolutely loves to get free things, I don’t see what the problem is. I fully admit that I am sometimes offered products to try, and I always, always say yes. Unless a lima bean company contacts me, and then all bets are off. But other than that, I’m game.

I completely enjoyed the POM Wonderful juice that I received last time. I got to try several recipes and it was a postive experience. So, when they contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their Iced Coffee, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Yesterday afternoon, around 3-ish, I was completely dragging. I was about to pour me a glass of iced tea, when I remembered the iced coffee in the fridge. I tried the Cafe Au Lait. It was fabulous! It’s not heavy or overly sweet. It’s more like the iced coffee that I make at home. It doesn’t taste like a dessert, and even better it’s made with Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, and contains antioxidant benefits. I really loved this!

By the way, POM people, don’t you love how my photo turned out?! I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I think it looks artsy and simple. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to hire me for your marketing team, cause this whole teaching special ed thing is kind of stressful.

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  1. says

    The photo is very Andy Warhol!

    I don’t see why there has to be such controversy about doing reviews. It seems like people are generally honest and will say their likes and dislikes about items. As long as that remains true, bring on the free goods!

  2. says

    Well, I don’t know about the Pom people but I am impressed. I thought that was their picture. I haven’t seen it in the stores yet but I will look for it.

  3. says

    Didn’t realize that there was controversy for food bloggers.

    It’s kinda the same for make-up bloggers who get free products to write reviews on them.

    I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as it’s an honest review.

  4. says

    Great photo! You’re hired! Unfortunately, I don’t work for Pom. I might not have known about this product for a long time if you hadn’t posted about it. I love iced coffee though, and will definately give it a try!

  5. says

    Not a big coffee fan but would certainly try it on your recommendation. I have always thought your photos were exceptional, but over the year I have watched them become truly artistic and professional. The Southern Living headquarters is just a morning’s drive away!

  6. says

    I’ve been given the opportunity to try POM products and they are terrific. I’m going to look for the iced coffee. I like that you’ve said they are not too sweet.

    About the photo – you’ve got some photo skillz fo sure.

  7. says

    What a beautiful photo.. I think it is very artful.. I also think that it is a fair trade for you to get free food if you are doing a review.. You are giving an honest opinion. They arn’t giving you free food and then telling you to give a GOOD review…geesh..

    As for your new class, it is quite a challange to have more than one Aspie at a time because they are so completely different from each other.. there is no hard and fast rules…except.. don’t start negotiating with them..little lawyers.. everyone of them! (this is just my last night experience talking.. and my lack of coffee I’m sure.. you are going to have fun with them this year!)

  8. leilani says

    I certainly don’t have a problem with someone promoting a product on their blog. However, I will immediately cut a blog off and not return if they start promoting without disclosing that they are being recompensed in some way for doing so.

    BTW, I’ve never run across a blog writer saying she/he received a product to try out and didn’t like it. Consequently, I’m a little suspicious of all reviews and am rarely moved to try a product based on a blog.

  9. says

    I would be anything bu a teacher, and it is for sure no because I don’t like teachers. It’s like being a mom of 30 children and trying to keep them all happy, dry, fed and educated. Five was enough!! I see nothing wrong with being sent free food and giving your opinion. Now, that is a great living, if eh, you actually were paid enough. Free food doesn’t pay the rent, does it?

  10. says

    i haven’t seen the coffee yet but i do like the teas. and, your photo is totally professional-looking! i don’t have a problem with the freebies — i’d say you’re *helping* us!

  11. says

    I’ve heard about the hoopla over bloggers and readers not seeing eye to eye on product reviews, but haven’t experienced it first hand.

    Your intro is timely for me, since I was just sent coupons to try some Greek yogurt. I think if the review is honest, with full disclosure then what’s the big deal? God, let’s hope it’s received well, or I could end up with some pissed off readers.

    I’ve seen the POM line at the market, but haven’t tried any of their stuff. Will have to take a closer look.

    See, your review worked!!

  12. says

    I haven’t heard this debate over reviews and blogging. I didn’t know people were actually upset about such things! Whatever happened to if you don’t like it, don’t read it? Isn’t it a free world? Oh boy.. don’t get me started. Congrats on receiving the POM! I love getting goodies and treats in the mail.

  13. says

    Just recently discovered your blog. It’s become one of my favorites. Will definitely keep an eye out for the new POM.

    Curious about what someone here said. I don’t think I’ve read another food blog with product reviews, but are they ALL positive? Seems a little hard to believe.

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