Cheating Gone Wrong

Some students got a copy of the teachers answer key for their science worksheet. Not my students, the grade before me. These sweeties will be mine next year.

How do we know? What gave it away.

Was it surprising abundance of correct answers?


Was it the suspicious lack of misspelled words?


It was their answer to number ten:

9. Photosynthesis
10. Answers may vary
11. Cell wall

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  1. says

    We had a History teacher that was about 60 years old.. Had been giving the same tests for years! I think everyone in tenth grade had the answers to every test he gave!

  2. Anonymous says

    Being a teacher-I do enjoy this. I too remember a teacher that gave the same test every year….and everyone in the whole school had the multiple choice answers.

  3. says

    oh pam. thanks for the chuckle! part of me is terribly sad for the lack of sense in some youngsters, but mostly, i’m amused. :)

  4. says

    This will be a special group of students indeed. Crafty enough to manage to swipe the answer sheet but also amusingly without-a-clue.

    Looking forward to more stories…

  5. says

    That’s so funny! I teach high school math, and make multiple copies of each test to try and prevent cheating. I caught 4 students one year who denied everything until I showed them that they had answered with letters that were not options on their tests. Kind of hard to defend how you answered “B” when your choices are “W” through “Z”.

  6. says

    Really, really funny… I’m passing this one on. Were they Aspies? You know, got all the answers, and you write EXACTLY what the answer says…. no generalization there.. hahahahaha

  7. wyo says

    Oh my goodness; that is hilarious! (I didn’t even see that it is also sad, until I read the other comments.)

  8. says

    OH those little stinkers. When I thought something was fishy I used to pick random students and give them a one-on-one verbal test. This always seemed to surprise them for some reason…LOL!