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    I like Patchouli by those beautiful flowers. Just as I adore black/black and white cats, I like purple and green flowers together. What is this called – diplomatic?:) Nice photos, Pam.

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    I’m thinking if I don’t pick Pichouli she’ll have my cat kill me in my sleep! :-) Great pictures. That buffet in the background looks alot like one I have.

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    Patchouli is giving your lovely flowers a dirty look. I don’t want to get on her bad side, so I guess I better go with Patchouli!

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    Oh, I do prefer a cat centerpiece, myself…often have one our table, too. Why isn’t your cat trying to eat your flowers? I can’t have fresh flowers anywhere, but locked in the bathroom. Have a good weekend. ~Natalie

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    Patchouli, of course.
    Oh, the flowers are gorgeous, but they’re just flowers and there are millions of ‘em out there.
    There’s only one Patchouli…

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    I like the second photo best — flowers clear in the foreground and Patchouli stretched out across the background of the frame. Beautiful cat. So lucky she gets to lay on the table!