Weekend Wine Reviews #9

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Last weekend was an important weekend. Middle daughter was bringing home the boyfriend to meet the parents. Youngest daughter came home, I think to observe, and hope for some excitement. Well, if she was hoping for drama, she was disappointed. Because said boyfriend came in bringing two bottles of wine for us! Apparently I am completely shallow and you can totally win me over with a couple bottles of wine.


Crios de Susanna Balbo, 2006. 50% Syrah and 50% Bonardo. Mendoza. (This is the wine boyfriend brought, so we had to look up on the web to see approximate cost – $15) They say: very juicy and enticing with lushly layered plum sauce, black licorice, fig cake and boysenberry notes that glide over round tannins. We say: full flavored, creamy, fruity. Buy again – definitely. Boyfriend – a keeper.

Paso A Paso

Pasa A Paso, 2007. Tempranillo. $11.99. We say: a little fruity, tangy, a bit of vanilla. Buy again – yes!

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    Well I’m very excited about this most. Did you know Susanna Balbo is the mother of one of my dear friends I went to viticulture and enology school with at UC Davis. Susanna is one of the top female winemakers in Argentina and an amazing woman. I’m so glad you got to taste her wines. Make sure you look for her Torrontes wine…a very aromatic white, that she is known for. It is sold almost everywhere. I know you will love it and it is made under the same label, Crios.

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    A boyfriend that brings gifts…yes, he is a keeper. But…I was hoping for more boyfriend details…

    And the little sister, the observer…sounds just like our youngest. She watched very carefully from about the 5th grade on up. Wanted to be sure to not make any of the same mistakes. That’s right…let big sister pave the way!!

    Happy Sunday ~Natalie

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    If I drank, these pictures would tempt me. You did a great job with the shots. I want to know more about the boyfriend. Does he know that he is subject to public viewing? (Whether or not he is blogged.. when you come to meet family i.e. little sister, it is public viewing!!) 😉

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    Sounds like your daughter picked a good boyfriend!! I’m curious what you all had for dinner? I bet the boyfriend was wowed with your cooking.

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    Smart girl, choosing a boyfriend who wants to impress. We’ve met one girlfriend so far, another girlfriend is coming at Easter, and a boyfriend the day after Thanksgiving. Betcha they don’t bring me wine!

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    I just recently discovered Crios cabernet sauvignon, a nice red at a nice price.

    Thanks for the tip on the Syrah/Bonardo – have to try it. Oh, and the tempranillo, too. : )

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    I brought two bottles of wine when I met my wife’s parents for the first time. Being a bit of a wine snob, I spent way too much on each bottle thought I really couldn’t afford it at the time. Turns out they love to pick up wines based on what they deem the “worst labels in the store” and a below 10$ price point. Needless to say, the worst $80 I’ve ever spent… They did appreciate the effort though, so I suppose thats something.

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