What Was It Wednesday??

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Something chocolate

Food bloggers, I have a question. How many pictures of food do you have in your food picture folder? Too many to count, if you are anything like me. In an effort to clean up and organize, I have officially announced “What Was It Wednesday”. Truth be told, some of my pictures are so old, I have no idea what they are. Or if they were good.

Mystery frozen chocolate

This lovely chocolate something-or-other is my first entry. I made it on October 11, 2007. It looks good, doesn’t it? With it’s pretty dark color, I am guessing a sorbet. I probably liked it. I probably liked it alot.

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  1. says

    Hi Soddy Daisy… Give me Chocolate-Something-or-Other anything –and I’ll LOVE it. Have no idea what it is –but I’m sure we all have pictures like this with no caption…

    I even have OLD pictures of my relatives (from way back when) –and I have no idea who they are… They weren’t marked….

    Did you get alot of rain? We got rain–but not huge amounts –and today it is sunny!!!!


  2. says

    Ha! Yes, too many to count. I have even more pictures of meals I’ve made, which are recognizable, but that aren’t labeled and look gross.

  3. says

    Love the idea! My food picture folder is pretty small because mostly when I am done with a dish I archive it to my backup drive and delete it from the computer. If I did not I would run out space in no time since I have been shooting about 80 shots of a dish at 10 megs each.

  4. says

    Laughed out loud at your post. So true. I have everything on disks- heaven help me if I need something in particular. I should have labeled them better.
    Betsy’s comment about labeling old family photos hits the nail on the head.

  5. says

    About once a year, I move food pictures to a CD, store it and forget it. The windows photo gallery display screen saver is a great entertainment tool, isn’t it?

    My kids would take your chocolate something unknown…and happily so!

  6. says

    I have so many random pictures and right now I can identify most of them but in a few months, I’m sure I will look back and have no idea what they are. This looks like chocolate heaven. Whatever it is.

  7. says

    My goodeness, I have the same issue. I have so many I dont know what pictures go with what. This certainly looks like a special treat be it ice cream/sorbet, or yogurt.

  8. says

    Pam – What was it wednesday is such a fun idea! And, yes it looks like you probably liked it :D I have a ton of pictures that aren’t posted too.

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