What Was It Wednesday?


You’re looking at November 4th, 2007. It’s a shame I didn’t post this. Just look at the trouble I went through to gather the props: the fall tablecloth, the small pumpkins artfully arranged in the background. Even with the extra effort, it has languished away in my food photos for over two years. I’m thinking it’s roasted sweet potatoes with pears (or maybe apples).

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  1. says

    Yum, and isn’t it a hoot when you see old photos and you can remember the approximate day/season… and what was going on in your life? Like culinary bookmarks…

  2. says

    I can see the Sweet Potatoes —but am not sure whether those are apples or pears… I’ll bet they are apples. What do you think?????

    It is a nice Autumn photo though –and that dish looks YUMMY.

  3. says

    Gorgeous photo but all your photos are wonderful. Sounds great with pears or apples!!

    On a side note: I was going through my blog archive and found 5 posts complete with pictures that I never posted.

  4. says

    Hmmm either sweet potato or butternut squash! That is what my detective work tells me. Maybe I just have winter squash on the mind lately. It was a cute set-up.