Garden Tuesday – Snow Part Deux!

Yes, I know, last week I threatened pictures of snow until June. But I lied. These will be it, unless we get some more snow, and then I can make no promises.

Especially if we get a snow day, and then you’ll see giddy, happy, snow day pictures.

What was great about this snow was that it was so wet and clumpy. It looked like more than it was because it just piled up so lovely. Just look at it resting on my purple coneflower seed heads. Which reminds me, I didn’t dead head them. Which means, I will have purple coneflowers everywhere.

Smudge would like to ever-so-gently remind you that this is just one day left in the cutest Senior Cat Contest on Facebook. At this moment he is in first place, but it is very tight, so please be sure and vote. You can vote once every 24 hours.

Vote for Smudge

Smudge says thank you!

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  1. says

    Let it snow, let it snow… especially if we get to see photographs like these. I especially like the “Boot print on leaves” and the “Cotton needs pick’in”!

    You have a very creative eye for photographs… many thanks for letting us see what you see.

  2. says

    My snow is melting today, too! Your pictures are certainly pretty. I wimped out and took pictures of my indoor flowers today.

    And….GO SMUDGE!

  3. says

    You take such super photos! There are times when I really miss snow! But I do remember not loving it much come February!
    (Voting again for Smudge!)

  4. says

    We got the slightest tease of snow last night in Vancouver before it turned to rain overnight. Loved seeing your shots, made we wish the snow would arrive a little faster.

  5. says

    Don’t you just love snow days? Makes me feel like a little kid again. Love the pictures of the boot prints.

    I’m thinking about going to Ober and snowboarding Saturday.

  6. says

    What beautiful photos! It’s due to hit close to 100F today, and these photos made me feel so much better! Ahhhh!
    I voted for Smudge again too – and posted it on my FB page. The last time I posted, 12 of my friends voted too… ;-)