Sweet and Salty Sesame Glazed Almonds

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How do you read blogs? Do you use a reader? I do, Google Reader to be exact. I find it useful to have all my blogs right there where I can see them. It makes it much less time consuming and stressful to find all of my favorites. Except for this time of year, when I get really busy, and don’t get to read as often, and I go out there today and find that I have 445 entries waiting to be read. What to do. What to do? Should I read the most recent and mark all the others as read? What if you posted some big dramatic post 3 days ago, and I blissfully go along unaware? Should I try and make a cursory glance at all of them?

In addition to this reading conundrum, there is the starred item conundrum. That is where I star all the items I want to make. Since I am multi-talented, the starred items not only consist of things I want to cook, but quilts I want to quilt, books I want to read, skirts I want to sew, crafts I want to craft, scarves I want to knit. It doesn’t tell me how many items I have starred, so I just started scrolling through them. I finally stopped when it said “more than 360”. Really. I could cook, sew, knit, craft, and read, at least one starred item a day, and still not finish in a year. I’m kind of depressed right now. I’ve set myself up for failure.


Except, good news! Today I made something that I had starred!! When the lovely and also multi-talented Mari at Once Upon a Plate posted her favorite holiday sweets, I sat up and took notice, and marked another star. I was needing something quick and easy to take to a party and right there were Sweet and Salty Glazed Almonds. These were wonderful. They were quick and easy, not too sweet, really perfect to take to a party! Follow the link above to go to her gorgeous website, star it, and make them! One down, 360+ to go.

I hang my vintage ornaments from my chandelier to protect them from sillly kitty cats.
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  1. says

    I just use my blogroll on my sidebar. I can glance over and see what is new. If I am visiting my blogroll I open up about 8 at a time and visit one by one. I try to do it about 5 days a week.
    Love the nuts, very tasty! And the ornaments are so pretty. I decorate my chandelier too.

  2. says

    Holy cow, Pam. 445 new posts? How many blogs do you follow?? I feel overwhelmed when my Reader in the morning shows I have 15 new posts to check out.

    When I read a post/recipe I want to try, I immediately print it out. I noticed that if I just mark it, then I wouldn’t get back to it. Of course, this also means I have a stack of paper taunting me all month long.

  3. says

    I did not know about the “reader.” That will make things easier, plus I’ll easily be able to go back to the “starred” items. Thanks for the great tip. Blessings, SusanD

  4. says

    I have the exact same problem as you do. I spend most of my life bookmarking recipes. 99% of which I will never make. And it’s kind of stifling to know that they’re there. It’s making me vaguely claustrophobic.

    I’m so glad you made these though! Trader Joe’s makes these honey sesame crackers that I LOVE and I have a feeling these would taste similar. Only better because they are in almond form.

  5. says

    I know nothing about a reader. I start on my dashboard and have that list there of blogs i follow. I have more time on my hands than you, obviously. But I need a tutor for my blogging.
    I am like who who said that she has her vintage ornaments boxed up. I call them retired. What a great idea to hang them from the chandelier.

  6. says

    I use my blogroll on the side and my dashboard and try not to follow too many blogs at one time. I mark special recipes/quilts/craft projects under favorites and, when that fills up, I have to admit there are some things I just won’t make. I love your recipe for the almonds, but have been trying to resist the tin of candied walnuts my cousin made me. I’ve been crushing 3 or 4 halves each morning and sprinkling them over my oatmeal. So many good things this time of year, but I’m trying to maintain my weight this week. The week is filled with minefields.

  7. says

    Hah! We just hung our ornaments from the chandeliers last night — for the same reason, to keep away from the cats. In fact, we gave up having trees when the cats came into our lives. Waaaayyyyyy too much temptation for them! Happy holidays, Pam.

  8. says

    ahh my double mm’s, monique and mary, i could recognize their recipes any time, they are like magic to my eyes! your pics are from the same magic elixir~

    i love how you got to have xmas with cats… i skipped the tree this year, new kitten and puppies. i put 3 little trees on my dining room table to look like the holidays, thought i was safe… i put 4 calling birds in them… i see why they are calling birds, i have been calling for my cats to return them all week. looks like an avalanche took the trees down and the birds flew the coop~ yep, that chandelier looks extra pretty to my cat deprived holiday!

    wishing you a very merry christmas and thanks for sharing at fws!

  9. says

    I am thankful that Thor doesn’t bat at ornaments, because that giant foot would take down the entire tree. And I just got a tin of chocolate covered pecans from someone in Georgia; that’s enough calories for me. I do like the looks of your almonds, though, and wish I had time to make them this week.

  10. wyo says

    Oh! The almonds look delicious, but I am more taken in by your idea for hanging the vintage ornaments! Mine have been boxed up for years … but we have an old chandelier in our kitchen (from my grandparents’ farmhouse) and now I know I CAN hang those lovely old ornaments and still protect them from kitties! Thank you! :)

  11. says

    Hi Pam, When it comes to those almonds, I can only think of one thing to say: “I could eat the WHOLE thing.” ha ha …. (Wouldn’t know when to STOP!)

    I use Blogger Updater –and have never checked out the Reader. But–I have pretty good luck with the Updates. I never use my blog roll on my sidebar.. In fact, I have a hard time keeping it updated.

    When I get far behind, I usually start with the newer ones –and sometimes just skip those which I have missed. It’s impossible to catch them all–all of the time, especially if you are like me and have over 100 blogs to follow…

    Have a very Merry Christmas.
    Lots of Hugs,

  12. Pam says

    wyo – yes hang them up! They are too pretty to stay boxed up!

    Natashya – That’s a good idea on using your blogroll.

    Rachel – yep, I think it’s going to be interesting titles for me too.

    Amy – I get probably about a hundred new posts a day! But some of them are just decorator blogs, where I just quickly look at the pictures.

    Susan – I love Google reader.

    Kat – google reader keeps it all organized for me. I have cooking sections, and sewing sections, and misc sections.

    Joanne – I know, I star something practically every day.

    Arlene – I know. I have been eating like crazy.

    Lydia – we have a tree with our newer ornaments (those that can be replaced). Patchouli usually bats off one or two every evening.

  13. says

    I give you permission to just mark all of mine as “read” to clear them out. Besides, you don’t want to see that pic I posted of Matt Damon cooking in his boxer shorts the other day 😉 (just kidding, quit clicking)

  14. says

    When my wife decides to roast and frost my ‘almonds’, I am the happiest retired professor on the planet, let me tell you.

    Then she says to me, “I could eat the WHOLE thing, Doc”.

    Let me tell ya’ — life doesn’t get any better than that — LOL.


  15. says

    Well, I have to tell you, when I saw those nuts on your post this morning, I had to have them!
    Just so happened that we had the neighbors on both sides of us over tonight for goodies & cheer. Of course we made those nuts and they were an absolute HIT!!!
    I’m afraid these will be a staple for our gatherings, and for us “just because!”
    Thanks, awesome!!!

  16. says

    Love the idea of the almonds with the salt and the sesame. I don’t use google reader, just my blogroll. I try to check everyday, but sometimes I get behind and it drives me crazy! Merry Christmas to you – I love your vintage ornaments.

  17. says

    What a great idea to hang your vintage ornaments on a chandelier. I would have never thought of it.

    Sweet and salty nuts are a southern treat and I miss them. These look awesome.

    Pam, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

  18. says

    I subscribe to blogs using outlook RSS feeds. They come to a folder in the outlook (not in my inbox. Each blog as it’s own folder within that folder. Whenever there’s a new post from you a (1) or a (2) appears next to “Sidewalk Shoes” folder (if I’m behind in my reading. I tried the Google reader at first and found I liked this better. NOW, what a good idea to put ornaments on the chandelier! These almonds look delicious. What a great variation from other recipes. Merry Christmas.

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