Weekend Cat Blogging #238

Smduge hopes you found all kinds of goodies under your tree.

Like a Patchouli kitty cat!

Smudge and Patchouli under the tree are my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging hosted by Sir Tristan Tabby Cat Longtail. Scrappycat was not feeling particularly photogenic, she is still quite perturbed after her vet visit, so we’ll just let her wish you a happy weekend cat blogging in thoughts, believe me, we’re all safer that way!

And guess what my peeps! I’m hosting next weekend! So, all you kitty cats that have been lurking, it’s time to show your stuff. Just post a comment under my post next weekend and I’ll do a roundup on Sunday.

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  1. says

    Son is babysitting a dog, brought it over for Christmas- I thought my Airedale would be the problem-not! It was my calico cat that hated the intruder!

  2. says

    My babies are all in a stupor after the Christmas chicken, turkey and ham they’ve eaten, but maybe they’ll rouse by next weekend and do something interesting, eh? Oh wait… with all the leftovers we still have, maybe they won’t!


  3. says

    My two kitties camp under the tree, too. We cut a blue spruce this year–very prickly–so they haven’t been stealing the ornaments off it. They do so love to sit under it, though. I really have to try to get in on the weekend cat blogging. My girls are gorgeous (says proud mama).

  4. says

    Just love your cat blogging, Pam. I think Smudge is a beautiful cat…posed under the tree like that!
    Do any of them go for the ornaments?
    I’ve been kind of distracted this week; did Smudge win?

  5. says

    Nothing better under the tree than a couple of cute kitty cats…

    So…I’m looking forward to you being the hostess for weekend cat blogging! Can I join in? What do I need to do??

    Happy Holiday Weekend ~Natalie