Bloody Mary – Food For Thought!

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When the lovely Jain from Once In a Blue Moon contacted me about a new challenge idea called Food for Thought, I was intrigued.  We are both avid readers (she, way more avid than me) and we love to cook.  It seemed like a lovely idea. 

One slight problem.  My latest reading kick.  Murder mysteries.  Not just murder mysteries, but bloody, gory, serial killer mysteries.  No, cute cozy mysteries for me.  These books do not lend themselves to prettily prepared dishes.  I turned to Jain for some help and she came up a perfect solution…a Bloody Mary.  Hey, I’m always willing to swill a cocktail, especially if it is for you my loyal readers. 

I haven’t had a Bloody Mary in ages.  What with the tomato juice and the celery stalk, I felt downright healthy drinking it!  There are lots of variations for recipes.  I am ashamed to say that we used a bottled mix.  It was easy just 4 parts mix to one part vodka and toss in a celery stick.

I’d like to try one from scratch though.  What about it, anyone have a favorite recipe?

So, this brings my first Food for Thought to a close.  No food and no recipe.  Jain is so thrilled that she asked me to participate, I bet.  Be sure and follow the links and go check out how you too can participate.  You’re probably reading a nice normal book, with tea parties or dinner parties, and all other kinds of inspiration. 

Oh yeah, the books that inspired this Bloody post were Shadow Man and The Face of Death both by Cody McFadyen.

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  1. says

    Bloody Marys are my husband’s special.

    He adores them and makes them from scratch. It’s not really a recipe but he uses plain V-8, a squirt of lime, Wochestershire sauce, Tabasco (sometimes the red one, sometimes the japapeno one), and celery salt. You can add a little bit of horseradish for more kick but we don’t normally. Add vodka, gin or Cruzan dark rum (our favorite), shake with ice in a cocktail shaker, and serve either over new ice or straight.

    He says “No celery stick. It takes up the space of the rum.” He calls this a Rummy Bloody Mary.

    Enjoy reading your mysteries. Some are real cliff hangers.

  2. says

    I love bloody marys! I add a teaspoon of horseradish for extra kick. Sometimes I use a pickle instead of a celery stick and when I am really groovin’ I make a stick of shrimp, black olives, grape tomatoes, red peppers and other goodies to put into the drink. I don’t like celery salt so I usually make mine from scratch. I do sometimes put in steak seasoning to jazz them up.

  3. says

    Here is a Bloody Mary recipe from a friend of mine from South Africa and she calls them “Bloodys”
    Clamato tomato juice
    1 Tbl lemon juice
    Dash of Worcestershire Sauce or Chipotle sauce
    Sprinkle of Garlic Salt
    Sprinkle of celery salt
    Sprinkle of Tony Cacherelle Spice
    Decorate with vegetable of choice:dilly beans, asparagus, olives
    These are wonderful and she says she got the recipe from the Queen of Bloodys

  4. says

    I think this is such a great idea… I made all these links rounds, and signed up to follow. I have a lot on my plate this week, but i intend to play along soon

    Thanks for the connection to a great new idEA!


  5. says

    If you are still in the mood for serial killer reading, you should read The Want-Ad Killer By Ann Rule. I lost sleep while reading this one.
    I love Bloody Marys. But, have not had one in years.

  6. says

    oh i love this, i am totally cracking up like the cheshire cat! and look how helpful everyone is, all your new recipes to go with your gory books! thanks for playing, i am sure your books will evolve 😉

    well one can only hope…!

  7. says

    This cracked me up! Bloody, gory, flesh-ripping murder mystery!
    Ha! Of course bloody marys! I used to be able to read those types of books. Now I can only drink the Bloody Mary’s. :)

  8. says

    I don’t drink alcohol as I am allergic to them (story of my life!). This post made ma laugh a bit at the part where you decided to do a Bloody Mary because you were reading a murder mystery. =)

  9. says

    Murder Mysteries and Bloody Marys are perfect!

    Instead of Dill Weed I add a little bit of Dill Pickle Juice! And sometimes I add a TBL or so of beef stock.

    My Bloody Marys are a meal in themselves!

  10. says

    My grandmother used to have a Bloody Mary for breakfast every weekend day. I believe she used tomato juice, tobasco and worcestershire sauce with her celery stalk. She was allergic to eggs, so she used to have stuff like fish for breakfast. It never seemed odd to me, although relating the story to others causes them to look at me like I have 2 heads.

  11. says

    My favorite author is Anne Rule…you should read her books. They’re great if you like serial killer/murder mysteries! The drink looks good but I just can’t drink tomato juice!

  12. says

    Love a good mystery! Can’t say I’m a fan of Bloody Marys, but my husband is. I’ll take a mimosa, thank you! Hope to have my Food for Thought up later this evening. The lamb stew is cooking as I write. ~ Sarah

  13. says

    A Bloody Mary perfect for breakfast :-) Seriously, it’s been awhile since I have had a good Bloody Mary. This month, we are supposed to join a group of friends for a Bloody Mary throwdown-should be interesting.

  14. says

    Love Bloodys. Sacramento (no plug) used to make a great mix in those tiny cans; haven’t seen it for years.

    Thanks for the lead on Food For Thought – my kind of event.

  15. says

    i don’t love bloody marys. i do love murder mysteries, and much to my chagrin, the more macabre they are, the more i enjoy them. mehopes that’s not an indication of anything… :)

  16. says

    I read about a murder mystery a night when Molly was first born (LOTS of late night nursing). Michael Connelly has the best combination of good writing and good plot that I’ve found. Man, there are some bad murder mystery writers out there. Wow.

  17. says

    just wanted to thank you for sharing the link, you brought lots of new readers and eaters to food for thought! not sure if you had a chance to check out the other participants on mr linky yet, but there are some super books and pics, oh my, the bar has been raised high right out of the shoot! thanks again and happy reading~

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