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Green Tea

Does your grocery store have that little clearance section? You know where the day-old bread and various other sundries end up.  Isn’t that funny how words pop up into your head?  Take sundries for example.  That fits perfectly in the above sentence, but I have absolutely no idea what it means.  It’s one thing to sound intelligent, it’s a whole different ball game to actually be intelligent.

Anyway, my store (which is a fancy healthfood store), has a section.  I pour over it every week deciding which item I simply must have, because it’s on sale.  Above it this week’s must-have item.  Hey, it was regularly $4.49 for a four pack, marked down to $3.49.  That’s less than a dollar a bottle.  It was pretty good too.  Not too sweet, plus it has 32 mg EGCG.  Whatever that is.

Check out my Sidewalk Shoes 365, I posted the lid to the bottle.

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    Pam… I like the way you shop!

    I Googled “EGCG” and here is part of what I found ~ “Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is the major catechin in green tea. This polyphenol and related catechins are important for the health benefits of green tea…”

    Now the element: Catechins ~ when combined with habitual exercise, have been shown to delay some forms of aging.

    So, it sounds like something we all should be drinking…

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    My Kroger has a clearance section that doesn’t sound anything like your store. It’s basically a bunch of clearance items thrown into a grocery cart, real sophisticated; D The tea sounds great.

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    Yes my stores have a grocery cart with clearance items on it too. Also another one of my stores has a rack in back with clearance bakery and other items. That tea sounds good. I’ll have to check the rack for some bargains myself.

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    I have to show up at work to go to the fancy health food grocery store in Knox Vegas, but in Seymour, the Kroger usually has a 10 for $10.00 bin does that count?

    Seriously, good find…You shop like I do…justifying your purchases.

    Sundries are various small everyday items.

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    sounds like quite a find… now..
    Sundry means various. It is a synonym so when people say “various and sundry” they are really saying, “various and various” or “sundry and sundry” whichever!

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    That’s how I choose wine. Not the one that’s the cheapest, but the one that has the most off the regular price–within reason, I mean. My logic is that I probably would never buy it otherwise.. . like you and Cricket.

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    Looks like you got a good deal on a good for you drink ( I read George’s comment)…
    We definitely have a clearance section but, it’s not selling good for you healthy items :-)

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    Tragically there is no sale bin at my grocery store. Here on the Upper East Side, we like to pay full price for everything. Apparently. (i.e. Frustratingly). Seems like a good buy though!

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    Hi Pam, My hubby orders green tea online (SpecialTeas)–and we get some great fruity flavors.. We drink our tea hot–but they do have fruity green teas which can be drunk cold.