Crispy Tilapia Strips

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 Crispy Tilapia

I have a confession.  I adore fried fish.  I think it comes with growing up Catholic.  But it seems that now, or at least around here, it is difficult to find a good old fashioned fish fry.  I suppose I could fry my own, but I’m not a big fryer.  Not for health reasons, silly, I just don’t like how greasy my stove gets. 

So, I was willing to give Cuisine at Home’s Crispy Tilapia Strips a try.  I didn’t really have high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The fish was soft and moist, the crust crispy (not as crispy as fried, but still pretty darn good).  My broiler was on the fritz, and by on the fritz, I mean that it takes forever to heat up and kick on, so that by the time it did, I was tired of waiting.  I’m sure if you try this, you’ll get a much more even and prettier crust.

Crispy Tilapia Strips

Serves 4

  • 1 lb tilapia, cut into 1 inch strips
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 lemons, cut into wedges
  • 2 T. all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup panko bread crumbs
  • 2 T. extra-virgin olive oil

Preheat the oven to 450.  Season the fish with salt and pepper.  Mix the mayo with juice from 2 lemon wedges (about 2 tablespoons). 

Place the mayo mixture, the flour, and the panko on 3 separate plates.  Dredge the fish in flour, then in the mayo mixture, then in the panko.  Place the fish on a baking sheet drizzled with a little oil.

Bake until the fish feels firm about 8 minutes.  Then broil until browned about 1 minute.  Serve with tartar sauce and remaining lemon wedges.

P.S. No snow day for us today! No, Mr. Snow just had to wait and come in mainly tonight. Snow on a Friday night/Saturday – completely wasted. A mere 24 hours earlier and I would be smiling big right now.

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  1. says

    This sounds like a great recipe and thank you, it’s not fried. We’re using tilapia more and more.

    This recipe is similar to one I use for shrimp, except I put the shrimp in cornstarch first, then egg, followed by the panko crumbs. Panko are so much better than canned bread crumbs. Thank you whoever invented Panko crumbs and thank you for another great fish recipe.

  2. says

    Gotta love that panko coating! I’m curious to see how much snow we all get. The predictions are so high. Everyone is freaking out again.

  3. says

    Ooh! My sweetie used to love fried fish from a box, but I stopped buying it because I was tired of using five paper towels to sop up the oil after baking them. I have some tilapia fillets in the freezer that may end up “crisped” over the weekend.

  4. says

    I rarely fry anything either, because of our poor kitchen ventilation (the entire house smells like oil for three days afterward. Blech.)

    But I have said for years that you could deep fry a shoe and it would taste good. What is it about fried food?

    Oh, and catfish? Hate catfish. But fried…totally yum. I would love this Tilapia.

  5. says

    Totally understand about the fried fish! I grew up in Michigan and every Friday all the Catholic Churches had Fish and Chips and it was always so good!

  6. says

    “Crispy Tilapia” Strips?! LOL! I guess I truly am NO cook– I thought this blog was going to be about a burlesque dancer!

    P.S. I grew up Catholic, too (“Not only does Jesus love fish, but it’s good brain food as well.” –Sister Mary Thoedard <– 4th grade teacher). The recipe sounds delish, but Sr. Theodard must be rolling over in her grave, with what I was orignally prepared to read here!

    P.P.S. Mind heading back over to my today’s blog? You and I seem to be swimming (sinking?) in the same pond! (Check out my reply to your comment.) Thanks!

  7. says

    Pam, this does sound good. I’m with you about a good fried-fish and the mess frying creates doing it at home ~ let alone the smell.

    But since this one is bake & broiled, it definitely passes the kitchen test. So, I am following your lead and giving it a try. Thanks…

  8. says

    One of my funny memories of my mother is when we went to a wharf restaurant in San Francisco one evening. She told the server she wanted fried fish. I knew that the “flounder sauteed in herbed lemon butter” was not going to be what she expected.

    Sure enough, when it was set before her, Mother sniffed and said, “I like my fish fried ’til it curls up at the edges.”

  9. says

    From the title, I thought you had a fish that performed erotic dances, ha ha.

    I don’t like frying inside either. I need to build a commercial fryer in our garage;)

  10. says

    we’re getting dumped on tonight, too. i can hardly wait. so much for the weekend. :(
    meanwhile, if one can’t have fried food, breaded and baked is probably the next best thing. these are good-looking planks of fish, pam.

  11. says

    I am sure they have sent you all home by now (1:40pm, Friday.) We are getting sleet here and it looks like you all are getting a mix or snow. Stay warm and I hope you don’t lose power. I hate the ice storms. I have already made a big pot of chili and the bean soup is in the crock pot for now. Stay safe!

  12. says

    I think tilapia is borrr-ing! But this just may be the recipe to get me interested again. I’m going to try this recipe this week. Thanks for sending it along.

  13. says

    OK… I tried the salmon recipe and it tasted awesome but I massacred the fish getting it onto the plate. Now… I keep burning the da** panko thingys!


  14. says

    Another Catholic gal here and geeze did I love those Friday fish frys when I was a kid. This recipe looks like it would come close to being as good as fried, and so much healthier.

  15. says

    Hi There, Just dropping by to say HI. We have snow-snow-snow today/tonight.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it… Can you just imagine how excited I am???? Bet you have a bunch also…

    We love Tilapia and have it often. We’ve probably had either that recipe or something similar.


  16. says

    Never thought about using the mix on fish … I use it with chicken all the time. Sometimes with a little curry powder added.

    I don’t do fried either. Hate the mess and the smell! That’s why God made restaurants!

  17. says

    I grew up Catholic and I never ate fried fish! I have been missing out. Seriously. This looks delicious.

    Yeah snow days on Fridays or on Saturdays are a total waste. I used to be so angry about them when I was a kid.

  18. says

    Mmmm… I have a long-standing love for fried fish, too. Too lazy to make it at home (all that dipping and greasy clean-up) – so I’m definitely giving this a try!

  19. says

    Interesting recipe! I also love fried fish though I didn’t grow up Catholic. Instead it reminds me of a southern Fish Fry. Good stuff!

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