Garden Tuesday – More White-tailed Squirrel

More pictures of the white-tailed squirrel.

Yes, I know they are not very good.

Still waiting for someone to buy me a telephoto lens.

Hint.  Hint.

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    Oh my ive never seen a white tailed squirrel b4! its so cute…yes I need a telephoto lens too and a macro as well now that u mention it :))

  2. says

    Love these pictures, and I had to go look them up on Wikipedia, and can’t find another photo of one.
    I did learn, however, that there are all white (non albino) squirrels as well. Learn something new everyday!
    You need to do some heavy duty hinting before next Christmas! :)

  3. says

    After I went digital, I decided to use point & shoot cameras. I have a Leica 35mm camera, and if I need fabulous shots, the Leica with Kodak film works well. I don’t need to spend more money! That said (I must lecture myself now and again), I like your friend the squirrel.

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    For all you macro lens fans out there, I learned this little trick on National Geographic’s photography page: detach your lens from the camera body and flip it around. You have to make sure the seal is tight and focusing can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it works like a charm – and it costs nothing! I’ve use this trick for a lot of really cool shots – especially of plant life. (Just a note – doesn’t work on all cameras. I’ve used it on both my Canon Rebel and Canon 10D, but my friend couldn’t get it to work on her Nikon dSLR)

    I love the squirrel – he’s quite a cutie! When I lived in Michigan, we had black squirrels with red tails and I thought they were the prettiest things. This white-tailed fella, however, just might be prettier.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    My chinchilla could kick your albino butt squirrel’s butt :) ;) :)

    For $20 I won’t tell everyone that you caught that squirrel and dipped it’s tail in bleach.

    Ok I’m leaving before you hit me!

  6. says

    OH my gosh! I have never seen a squirrel with a white tail unique!

    We live next door to the county forest preserve and its full of oaks too. I’m going to keep a an eye out for unusal squirrels in our area!