Lightweight or a Cheap Date

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To say that alcohol relaxes me is an understatement.  Alcohol puts me to sleep.  Literally.  One beer, one glass of wine, and I am ready for a nice long nap. 

When I go to parties I have to alternate a glass of wine with a bottle of water, otherwise, I end up napping in their guestroom.  The Southern Brewer’s festival that is in town here each summer is out of the question.  Beer + Sun + Hot Day = big time sleep for me.

Still, I like wine and beer and gin and tonics and margaritas.  I just make all of mine weak.  So, on Saturday nights, when my husband makes some margaritas, mine are half strength, even sort of a quarter strength.  But guess what happened the other night??  Well, apparently there was football on the tv, while he was making my margarita, and he became distracted.  And apparently I drank real grown-up people margaritas.  When the room started spinning, he admitted to the football watching.  So, I told him I was going upstairs to bed.  I didn’t quite make it.  When he came up from the basement computer room, this is what he found on the couch.


Yes, that’s Patchouli making a rare weekday appearance on the blog!

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    Awww, you both look so sweet. I know what you mean. I too have difficulties in the alcohol department. The only difference between you and me is… I have my dog curled up behind my knees and my cat curled up in my arms! 😉

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    That is so stinking cute! a-dor-a-ble! I was never a drinker, I always went from the drinking part to the puking part.. nothing in between. I had a doctor comment when I told her that, “Well, that means you’re allergic to alcohol” Who knew you could be? Sleeping is better..

  3. says

    aw. nice :)

    My husband always say’s I’m the cheapest date around as well. Since the pregnancy I just can’t drink like I use too.

    Also I LOVE Saturday being margarita night… I might have to propose this to the husband.

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    Yes I can relate to the alcohol putting you to sleep-I take it one step further-I enjoy it so infrequently that on one glass I can go from enjoying it to feeling drunk to feeling drunk in under an hour. Last time I had alcohol was one chocolate martini-we were with friends and within an hour-I felt hung over in a bad way (PS my husband shared it with me).

    I said no more I hated the way I felt.

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    what a cute pic, i love how you are sharing the good stuff! non drinker here too, looped on a few sips, sick as dog if i manage to attempt a second drink… at least you are a peaceful drunk~

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    Funny Pam… I am the same way. I don’t drink much at all–but when I do, I’m always ready to sleep.. One time, when I was a much younger adult, my first hubby and I had a vacation at a beach motel.. It was one of the first time we had been able to get away from the kids for a night. We got some Whiskey Sours and enjoyed them tremendously… The first thing I knew –it was morning and the vacation was over. We had slept through the entire thing…. ha ha


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    Such a sweet photo. I’m the same way, a glass of wine, liquor, or beer makes me lazy and tired. That is not the way it was years ago, I might add 😉
    Now I just like to have an occassional sip or two, but that is about all.

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    So Sweet. I always tell my daughter to watch her drink, you never know what someone might slip into it. You might want to take the same advice!

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    Hee hee. I’m not a drinker, but I do remember in college (a loooong time ago) that one little wine cooler would make me dizzy and say stupid things.

    Animals always make the best pillows.

  10. says

    Adorable! I am kind of the same way. I have a threshold. Too little alcohol and I fall asleep. Too much and I am awake until all hours of the night. It’s a tricky thing.


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