Spinach Salad with Scallops and Bacon

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Spinach Salad with Scallops and Bacon

If you read this blog or my photo blog, you probably know that I’m kind of old school.  I like old things.  Vintage things.  Perhaps because I am a little vintage myself.  I am especially partial to vintage kitchen items, as you can tell from the photos in my sidebar. 

So, when I was contacted by Frigidaire, I was thrilled.  Frigidaire is a name that I have known and loved forever it seems like.  And it probably has been, since they have been around since 1916.  Even the name sounds all cool and vintagey.  So, anyway, they said that they liked my blog (gosh I love them more all ready) and they wanted to know if I would be interested in creating a recipe to put on their Frigidaire recipe page.   Obviously, they have me confused with people who actually create recipes, but fearless that I am, I said sure. 

So, being me, it had to be easy.  And also being me, without anyone else telling me what to do, it was probably going to include bacon.  Because when left to my own devices, bacon is always in the picture.    After some shuffling of things in my fridge and freezer, I settled on the ingredients for this.  I had a bag of those tiny (read cheap) bay scallops, and a pear in the fruit drawer, and a bag of baby spinach, and of course, bacon.  I have to say people, this was mighty tasty, truly quick and easy, and it has bacon.  What more could you ask for?

Spinach Salad with Scallops and Bacon

Serves 2

  • About 4 cups of baby spinach (enough for 2 salads)
  • 2 – 3 cups of bay scallops (I just used what I had left in a bag in the freezer)
  • 1 pear, cored and diced
  • 4 slices of bacon, diced
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 1-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

Swirl a bit of olive oil in cast iron skillet and add diced bacon.  Brown the bacon slowly over a medium to medium-low heat.  (I’ve found that a lower heat makes the best crispy bacon bits for a salad).  Since the bacon is going on a salad, you want it nice and crispy, this took about 15 minutes.   While the bacon is cooking, divide the spinach between two plates, dice the pear and place half on each plate on top of the spinach.

When the bacon is crisp, remove with a slotted spoon to a small bowl.  Add scallops to skillet and saute for about 2 minutes, until cooked through.  Remove with slotted spoon and divide among salad plates and sprinkle the bacon top (giving yourself more – you are the chef after all).   Add a tablespoon or two of olive oil to the pan if there are not a lot of drippings left (you will be making the dressing with them).  Add the apple cider vinegar and stir to deglaze the pan.  Add salt and pepper to taste, and any addition oil or vinegar to your taste.  Pour over the salads and serve.

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  1. says

    Congrats on the shout out from Frigidaire! It’s always nice to be recognized, isn’t it?

    Spinach and bacon are a perfect combination, with or without the scallops. Beautiful photos!

  2. says

    Pam, congratulation! Frigidaire is one of those great companies, whose name we can always trust. It stands for quality, reliability and longevity.

    This is a beautiful dish with a great balance of flavor. I, too, have some remaining bay scallops that will make their way into this wonderful recipe. Thanks…

  3. says

    I second your motion about bacon. My entire household is of the opinion that everything is better with bacon. Congrats on the Frigidaire honor!

  4. says

    That looks, and sounds great! Think I’ll try it next weekend for lunch. What’s not to love about bacon? I usually don’t buy it though, because I have absolutely NO CONTROL. If I have A piece, I have to have 4.

  5. says

    You created a wonderful, simple recipe that I can tell was delicious!

    I remember my Grama called her refrigerator a Frigidaire! And it wasn’t a Frigidaire but a GE!

  6. says

    my goodness, the flavor and texture contrasts in this must be INCREDIBLE. crunchy bacon, sweet and juicy pear, leafy spinach…and the scallops, pam, the scallops! this is just wonderful. :)

  7. says

    Congratulations on being chosen by Frigidaire!
    And I’m loving this recipe! Those bay scallops with bacon, no less. And a pear as well. Could there be a better combo?

  8. says

    Wasn’t Frigidaire like THE original refrigerator? Seems that on down the line people used to call all fridges frigidaire too – sort of like jello and xerox.

    Love scallops and bacon so this sure sounds yummy to me!

  9. says

    I’m a vintage lover, too. Congrats on the Frigidaire honor! Wowww! I’m impressed, too, that you could, you know, just go to your fridge and whip this up. The inside of your fridge sounds way better than the inside of mine.(Although there is bacon in there!) Congrats again.

  10. says

    Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition! The salad looks perfect–loving all the bacon. I have half a bag of those little scallops and now I know what to do with them. 😉

  11. Blend says

    I was inspired by this last night, and decided that this was how I was going to use the rest of the Spinach I had in the fridge!

    I made my salad slightly different though – instead of using pears, I used red onion and plum tomato. I cooked the bacon then used the bacon grease to fry the scallops, but I did not incorporate the bacon grease into my dressing – it just felt like too much fat to me.

    Instead, I two parts olive oil, one part balsamic vinegar and one part lemon juice, with a bit of taragon mixed in.

    The salad was phenomenal, my roommate loved it!

  12. says

    OOOH excellent about the Frigidaire!!! YAY-OH! And the nosh looks divine, I’m heading to the store to get some goodies to make it!!! I can’t use bacon, but I wonder if I can substitute diced ham. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it turns out!

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