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    What beautiful photos. The tail feathers on the female cardinal are so perfect. Thanks for taking the photos. I wish I had a good camera. Great job.

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    Pam, terrific photographs! Nothing says spring is around the corner than birds with their brightly colored feathered. Thanks for letting us see through your creative camera lens…

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    Great capture … I struggle to get quality bird photographs with my Powershot G9 and my Nikon D200 is too much camera to always have at the ready. I’m so inspired by your birds though I may try leaving it near the window where I watch them feed.

    I love the brilliant color in your shots!

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    I love cardinals. One of my favorite birds, and we get a few in our yard now and again. Did you know they mate for life? And usually forage together, so for sure her hubby isn’t far away.

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    These are beautiful shots-we have ruby throated hummingbirds in our front yard and I have been meaning to get them a feeder. The cats love watching them.

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    My grandmother used to know the name of every bird and every flower.

    These photos are fantastic!

    I saw about 10 robins on the grass at my kid’s school yesterday. Spring is on the way!

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    What a gorgeous lady cardinal. I got some close-up shots of cardinals with a new batch of babies one time. They made their nest in the azalea bushes right in plain view and close up to our dining room windows. Such fun to watch.

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    Great shots!

    I had no idea cardinals weren’t in the western states. Learn something new….

    We have them year round and usually a few pairs at a time. Same with the chickadees.

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