Garden Tuesday – It’s beginning to look a little green!

Oak Leaf Hydrangea Oakleaf Hydrangea

Moss I never stopped to think that even moss grows!

Sedum Sedum.  I snatched a handful of this an estate sale many years ago.  They probably laughed at me furtively sticking it in my purse.  Because that one handful could now  easily cover my whole yard if I let it!

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    I did not know the name of that stuff I have (Sedum) and you are right! It is prolific! I have had mine for years and it spreads like wildfire. Enjoyed the photos.

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    Don’t you just love it when you see those shoots in the spring? They bring such pleasure!
    I showed my daughter saw a photo of Smudge (she doesn’t have a blog) and wants me to submit her ghetto kitty’s photos. His name is Prince after you know who. (I say ghetto because that’s where he was born and she thinks he was mistreated too. He is not a nice friendly cat….but he loves her.)

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    I hate to admit but I’ve snatched a few sedum the same way. But it works.
    Love that oak leaf hydrangea too. I got one about a year ago and have not killed it.