Weekend Cat Blogging #251


Smudge, going all artsy in black and white is my entry for this week’s very, very special Weekend Cat Blogging!


What’s so special about it?  Me.  That’s right, I am hosting this weekend!  Instead of doing the usual – post your links in the comments – I’m trying Mr. Linky. What do you think?? Do you like that idea or do you prefer the other way?  

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  1. says

    you have such glam cats… don’t hate me cause i am beautiful always crosses my mind!

    i love mr linky, one stop shopping, how much is that kitty in the window kinda thing~

    i hope you don’t mind i am going to link 2, i need to post it still, not your typical cat pic for sure…

  2. says

    That’s an incredibly fine image. Such creamy bokeh. I have a weakness for B/W and kittehs. (And though I’ve never said b/4, Smudge is a fitting and clever nom de chat.)