Weekend Wine Reviews #16

Domaine Pral, Beaujolais Nouvea Red, 2009.  $12.99.  They say:  a fun young wine.  We say:  very light, fruity, with a minerally finish.  Very nice and pleasant.  Buy again:  probably, but we need to try some more Beaujolais’ because we’re not sure what they are supposed to be like!

McManis Chardonnay, California, 2007.  $8.10  We say very light, a little buttery, a little floral.  Very pleasant.  We can always count on McManis.  Buy again:  yes! 

Martin Codax, Tempranillo, Ergo, 2006, Rioja, Spain.  $11.00.  They say:  distinct fruit forward flavors of fresh berry and plums with hints of spice.  We say:  yes, yes, yes.  Excellent!  Buy again:  Yes!

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  1. says

    Seeing as how I’m the kind of wine drinker who buys based on how pretty the bottle is…I’m gonna have to say that the beaujolat looks stunning. (And there ends my knowledge of wine tasting.)

  2. says

    Beaujolais Nouvea are always supposed to be fun table wines only. Drunk same year they are released, just a light fun wine that has a good press agent… good enough, but not as good as you would think from all the hype

  3. says

    Loved the photos of Scrappy, Pam!

    And I have to admit, I really don’t like Beaujolais Nouveau. Some friends have a party every year celebrating them and I still haven’t had one that was decent!
    But your other two reviews are worth a try… they are new to me and I love hearing about new wines.

  4. says

    I’m such a troglodyte when it comes to wine. When I see your posts on it, I know that I have to learn more about it, even if I do just use it in cooking.