What Was it Wednesday

You’re looking at September 1, 2008.  I’m not sure why this was in my cooking folder, other than that looks like a sprig of lavender  in the bowl.  I vaguely remember checking a book out of the library having to do with natural skin care, which suggested steaming your face and adding aromatic herbs to the water.  I think I planned on getting on some spa like regiment, with steams and scrubs and all sorts of good things.  My guess is that the this was the first and last lavender facial steaming that occurred.

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    Funny! I love my lavender.. Although, for a great scrub that I use all the time: 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil (can also use sweet almond oil) and several drops of lavender oil (or whatever real essence oil you want) truly you have never had a more glowing skin!

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    It’s a gorgeous photo. I stopped by just to say hello but was so taken with your blog and photos that I guarantee I’ll be back often. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

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    Must have been something like that, Pam, as it’s sitting next to a lovely white towel. I mean, that’s not kitchen material.
    But it is quite a striking photo.

    Lessons in life: label all photos!

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    I always have good intentions of using herbs for spa-like treatments at home but never seem to follow through on them!

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    There’s something semi-disconcerting about steaming your face. At least I don’t think I would like it. But I’m probably in the minority.