Garden Tuesday – The Alliteration Version Plus boob news

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Busy bee on blueberry bush.


Frilly fuzzy fern unfurls.

****Boob update. I was going to try to write my boob update in an alliteration, but I couldn’t get it up to my standards. I know..standards…this from the person that wrote “frilly fuzzy fern unfurls”! Anyway, the doctor said that I have abnormal cells (or Abby Normal to those of you who can quote good movies). They aren’t cancerous, but they might be a sign that tissue near them is. So I’ve got to go back in for surgery on May 3rd, for them to take more stuff. Sheesh.

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    Sheesh is right. but I continue to pray, I continue to think of you, I’m so sorry that there isn’t a single steadfast answer. We’re all here for you. As for Abby Normal, well… that is the perfect way to describe me. At any time. (I own the movie…)

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    Just the fact that you’re SEEING what’s going on in the garden is very very HOPEFUL.
    Thank you for sharing these private concerns..I think the more positive thoughts going your way..the better..Poor Boobs:(

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    It’s better to have them remove any questionable cells now than to leave them where they can mutate into something. Really….this is good news. Blessings, SusanD

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    Love the aliteration as well as the signs of spring in your yard. Thanks for keeping us updated on your boob news. Regarding your next procedure, be sure to ask for a good “Sed-a-give”! You remain in my prayers and good vibes mode. xoxo

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    Your garden pictures are wonderful…I loved the Donna Hay dish photos yesterday too. The photos are so full of life and color….they are a great representation of the photographer!

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    Oh goodness…I do hope your surgery goes well and that they get it all.
    Better to be safe…

    Love your latest pics…very pretty.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Nancy

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    Pam – I hope that your upcoming surgery will resolve all these issues for you. I’ve been thinking of you often and wish you the very best!

    P.S. I loved your Donna Hay recipe from yesterday – gorgeous! I’ve looked into getting some of her books and even tried Amazon, but it looks available only on Amazon UK.

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    Oh, that sucks! I hope they dont find anymore “Abby Normal” cells.

    I love your garden photos and alliteration, BTW. Glad you’re keeping your spirits up.

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    Oh Lord! I was so sure it would turn out to be nothing to worry about. Sorry you have go in for more surgery but it’s better to get anything iffy out of there.

    You took an astounding photo of that bee! I am always in awe of your photography!

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    Hi Pam, That news could be ALOT worse–as you know. IF there is something there, they can get it. You/they probably caught it early —so all of this is GOOD news…. Hang in there –and I’m sure it will all work out FINE… Let them get rid of Abby Normal.. None of us like that!!!!

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    Alliteration makes life substantially more fun, don’t you think?

    Good luck with your procedure chica! Just think, it seems like whatever this is was caught early which makes me positive that you are going to 100% fine.

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    pam, i’ve been remiss in checking the blogging world. so sorry to hear of your boob-abby-normal cells. definitely keeping you in my thoughts…

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    Well good that they are non-cancerous!

    I was trying to work in a way to use the “What knockers!” / “Oh thank you doctor” scene from Young Frankenstein but couldn’t get there.

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    I’m a lurker who always enjoys breezing by your blog, and I’d like you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and hopes regarding the boob situation. Your blog is always a pleasure.

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