Garden Tuesday – Candytuft

Candy Tuft Candytuft.  Love it.

Can you find Smudge? I use it to edge most of my flower beds.  Smudge approves.

Flower bed That pile of green on my sidewalk?  Weeds.  Already.

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  1. says

    I just love candytuft also. Smudge and I are in agreement. Ours isn’t up yet because it’s still to cold…but neither are the weeds.

  2. says

    I’m going to look out for that, it looks lovely. Does it take much care and cutting back. I hate when I don’t give plants enough love and they go woody.

  3. says

    Hi Pam, I love the Candytuft… We have some up here –and I think I showed it in a recent post.

    I do think that I’ll cut it back in the fall… I like seeing it bloom closer to the ground –and I think it will do better. I have read that cutting it back 1/3rd will make it fuller next year.


  4. says

    I’m anxious to hear if everything’s OK.

    Love your candytuft and I think I see Smudge in the first photo way at the top?

  5. says

    I see that darling Smudge! What a cutie.

    Oh Pam, I love Candytuft as well ~ even if were ugly, I’d adore it for it’s name alone!

    It’s so nice to see yours blooming already, you must be in a warmer climate than me… ours are barely opening and I can’t wait.

    I hope you’re doing well! xo

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    Candytuft? So that’s what’s growing back by my Zen garden. I forgot what I had planted, actually don’t remember putting it there, but they sure are pretty at the moment.

  7. says

    I love candytuff with it’s lovely scent. Snails are my problem right now, well weeds too.
    Hope that all is well.