Garden Tuesday – Catmint Walker’s Low

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I know I’ve mentioned before that candytuft is one of my favorite edging plants, well following a close second is Catmint Walker’s Low.   This is not catnip, but a completely different plant.  It produces lovely delicate purple flowers on minty scented leaves in well-maintained mounds.  (Let’s pause for a minute and admire how much I just sounded like a garden catalogue – Burpees, call me if you are hiring).

Remember my bed that I showed you here, with the candy tuft blooming.  Well you can see the candytuft is fading out, just in time for the catmint to rise to the occasion.   And yes, that small white furry blob in the lower right corner is Smudge.  And the only reason it is small is because it’s about 1/322 of his body.  

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    Your yard looks amazing! It is still too cold for any outdoor plants here. Smudge is a lucky cat to have all of those wonderful plant for lurking!
    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

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    My goodness, your yard is beautiful, like something out of a magazine! My yard could qualify as a disaster fixer-upper. Both the candy tuft and Walker’s Low would be welcome in my plain jane yard! :-) Smudge could come, too.

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    Your yard is beautiful! I never heard of Catmint Walker’s Low before, but now I want me some! Unfortunately, we’re coming into winter here and the grass is knee high because I was gone for 3 weeks! And now it’s too wet to mow anyway!

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    I have several catmint plants, different varieties, and they ALL have a big dent in the middle from being rolled on. Well, I do have twice as many cats as you do to take care of this for me.

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    Your flowerbed and yard are so pretty, Pam. I too like Candytuft—but will cut mine back next year. I like it closer to the ground and mine has gotten too ‘leggy’…

    Your Catmint Walker’s Low is very pretty –and it’s nice that it’s blooming after the Candytuft is gone.

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    We have catmint, too. I like it for the pretty lavender color and it’s hardiness. However, it’s VERY invasive and I have to keep pulling out large volunteer clumps. Otherwise, it will take over my entire flower bed (and my neighbor’s – through a wood fence!). But it is pretty. :) Do you give it a buzz cut after it blooms? I do and it comes back with another full bloom cycle. I usually cut it down to about 3 inches high.

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    Looks straight out of the gardening book. Love your garden photography. Very pleasing to the eye. I’m thinking I’ll print out all of your garden pictures and attach them to stakes in my garden. Instant gorgeousness.

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    Is this your beautiful garden? It is really pretty. I have tried growing catmint as I love it also. Unfortunately I had not so much catmint as neighborhood cats…


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